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Igeme fully supports the Government ban on old computers PDF Print E-mail

By Ronald Musoke

OVER the next twelve months, the youthful Jinja Municipality East Member of Parliament, will lead the parliament ICT committee in its oversight duties on all matters related to the ICT sector in the country.

Igeme Nathan Nabeta says that the ICT committee is fortunate to have had the previous committee precede theirs. Nabeta took over from Edward Baliddawa as the chairman of the ICT committee in parliament.

“The previous committee left behind a very good hand over report. So much was started by that committee there is no need to re-invent the wheel. We can only build on their gains,” said Nabeta.

As the eighth Parliament winds up, Nabeta says that over the next few months, the ICT committee shall work towards the passing of the Computer Misuse Bill, the Electronic Signatures Bill, Electronic Transactions Bill and the [lawful] Interception of Communication Bill.

 “By us passing these pending laws, we would have created an enabling environment where companies can now go into e-commerce while ordinary citizens could now exploit the e-government infrastructure to access social services,” Nabeta says.

The American-educated MP has a vision for the ICT sector; hoping that Uganda could emulate Asian nations like Singapore, which have been able to use ICTs to transform their once backward economies into fully-fledged knowledge-based economies.

Nabeta, a former state minister for trade and industry says that he fully supports the recent government ban on the importation of old computers but he swiftly adds that there is need for a comprehensive outlook on how to manage e-waste.

The ICT ministry is working on the e-waste policy, which will guide the country on the proper procurement, disposal, recycling and refurbishment of obsolete electronics.
The newly wed says he is happy that the controversial first phase of the national data transmission backbone has since been redone and re-laid from Kampala to Jinja and Kampala to Bombo.

“We recently went to Bombo and field tested the equipment. It is now working well. We now have the road in place and hope the ministry of ICT will soon operationalize it so Ugandans can benefit from the project,” he says while checking his two Blackberries.
Nabeta, a graduate of International Business Administration, was born 37 years ago and besides IT, his other interests are aviation, sports and community development. He is officially married with children.  

He has worked as a Public Relations Officer in the US and he is the proprietor of a television NBS, and two other Jinja-based FM radio stations, but Hon. Nabeta, the new chairperson of the ICT committee on in parliament has a rather ambivalent attitude towards the media. Unlike his fellow proprietors, he would not even grant his own broadcasting stations any interview.

Like most politicians, he thinks the press is a bit slippery to deal with, and if one must, he should do so carefully. However, for this interview, he was forthcoming, probably due to the fact that he is very passionate about ICT issues.

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