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World Wide Web Founder urges government to upload content PDF Print E-mail
By Esther Nakkazi

ImageEvery month, the Uganda Linux User Group (LUG), organize a meeting with one or two speakers that share some of their IT knowledge. Last month, connected with www.TED.com, the meeting hosted a special speaker. .

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, (WWW), an Internet-based hypertext media initiative for global information sharing was a speaker at the LUG meeting.

But he also met with government officials where he expressed the need for E-Governance and for the Uganda government to be an important partner in content development.

“ My personal agenda, is that for every government that we work with, I urge them to put data on the Web. Government data is a valuable resource and it should have  unrestricted access because it is funded by the pubic,” said Sir Berners-Lee.

The WWW founder and evangelist, Sir Berners-Lee visited Uganda on behalf of the Web Foundation, an international not-for profit organization that he founded, which is also leading transformative programmes to advance the Web as a medium for positive change.

By the time of his visit, Sir Berners-Lee had just announced the launch of his foundation (http://www.Webfoundation.org). The LUG meeting was able to learn about the potential of the Web to solve society issues, challenges, and the role the Web foundation could play in Uganda’s IT sector.

We were very honored that the LUG could host interesting Ugandans and international speakers to discuss exactly this in the presence of Sir Berners-Lee, said Reinier Battenberg, director Mountbatten Ltd.

In Africa, the Web Foundation is looking at using mobile phones or fixed communication for displaying Web content, which would transform lives and communities. Already it is engaged in the ‘Re-greening’ initiative project in Africa.

“ We want to engage communities and raise awareness on how to use mobile phone platforms and low cost technologies for development,” said Sir Berners-Lee.  

About 25 percent, of the world population uses the Web today but more than 70 percent of the people have access to mobile or fixed communication, which is capable of displaying Web content.

The Web Alliance for ‘Re-greening’ in Africa project will train and assist local developers to implement and deploy mobile Web and voice based platforms to improve communication between agricultural specialists and farmers.

The project will also assist people to leverage the Web as a medium for sharing life-critical content and dialog thus using the Web as an agent of social and economic progress.

The gap in Web usage is partly attributable to the lack of accessible or related content and lack of available training on how to use the Web to its full potential.

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