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Q4 2009: Letters PDF Print E-mail

Dear editor,
The Commission is especially grateful for the publications that are educative and informative, and an invaluable source of information on ICT developments and the general communications sector in Uganda.

However, there are a couple of errors in caption of the story on UCC entitled “UCC to dig more into operators’ profits”- (July-September, 2009  issue) with regard to the amount the UCC received from the World Bank for the RCDP Programme recently.

The amount received by UCC was $8m not $325m and the money was received on behalf of UCC, not the ministry of ICT.

Yours sincerely,
Patrick Masambu
Executive Director, UCC



Hi I-Netters,

It is my humble request that Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) controls the digital TV signals. Why should UBC control them when up to today they can’t cover the whole country?
Godfrey Ssali.


Dear I-Netters,

It is evident there are things I did miss on the I-network especially Mr. Badru Ntege's posting on the "3D" concept regarding NITA-U.

Again, as in his usual style of "provocation" Badru brings in the legislator factor in his song of lamentation, on the apparent ineptness of the operationalisation of NITA-U!

I might share with you the concern and raise similar questions to the Minister of ICT as to why the formalization of NITA-U has been shelved, but I don't think that it is only the legislators to raise the issue or to wake up those concerned!

During the dialogue, I-Network organized with the Ministry of ICT, it was the general consensus that from then onwards a channel of frequent communication be opened whereby the Ministry would be able to update the ICT fraternity on all stages of progress on such issues as the operationalisation of NITA-U.

During the same meeting in my short remarks as a member of the ICT fraternity and one with some "ears" to the ground, I hinted to the Permanent Secretary what I thought they needed to do to reinstate the process of operationalising NITA-U.

You will agree, with me that you in the Civil Society and us, in legislation can only advice, propose or recommend, but the final decision and judgment is purely the prerogative of the person in charge of the Ministry and that is the Minister (Aggrey Awori).

I know that the issue of NITA-U is still pending on our items to
discuss with the Minister in our ICT Committee. We are looking forward to the opportunity when the Committee shall interact with him on this particular issue and I believe that by that time the Minister will have a way forward that will be satisfactory to mitigate Badru's 3D concept.

Edward Baliddawa
MP Kigulu South, Iganga District
ICT committee member. 


Dear I-Netters,

This is to thank I-Network and MoICT for the recent constructive discussions. Specifically, I would like to thank my old boss Eng. Elisha Wasukira for his excellent stewardship of I-Network.

Clearly, IT is too important to Uganda's economic and military well-being to be left to the Ministry alone.

I noted action points on ICT Security Policy and Signatures. These topics are of particular interest to me. I will shortly circulate a recent presentation I made on the "Information Assurance" challenge to Africa's broadband Internet.

Hopefully, I-Network & MoICT will jointly help ensure that Uganda's fast Internet is secure enough to spur economic development.

Dr Frederick Kamala, Ph.D, CISSP®


I am currently undertaking research on Business Process Outsourcing in Africa and would like to visit firms in Uganda that are already engaged in outsourcing in whatever form. I would like to request anyone with information on outsourcing activity in Africa to help me out.
Our site is being tested and is available at:

Dr. Nixon Muganda



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