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Hi Netters,
Sometime last week i had that uganda will switch from the analog TV signal to the digital signal and its envisaged that UBC will be the link between all the other stations. Can someone out there let us know why:
1.  why should UBC host the link and not UCC?
2. since there is liberalisation why not let the other stations control themselves as it is today when we are still using the analog system as the process is gradual?

3. how will the poor be helped to get the digital tv receivers bearing in mind that some had to save for years to buy the tv sets that they possess now?- Mayanja edwin henry

Hello Henry,
A Draft digital television broadcasting policy policy has been drafted and is with Cabinet for approval. All the issues you have raised is being addressed by this draft policy. It is not true that UBC will be the link for all the other stations.
Geoffrey Agoi

Issues Arising in this discussion:
1. Its my humble request that UCC controls the digital TV Signals. Why should UBC control them when even today they cant cover the whole country. - Godfrey Ssali

2. This is a public infrastructure for the common good. What you all seem to ignore also is that fact that there is a directive for all UBC transmission infrastructure to be handed over to the famous NITA-U. - Badru Ntege

3. IMHO UBC is best placed to lead UG into the TV digital age if only their source of funding could be sorted out once and for all,their being a national broadcaster puts them in better position to look out for everybody's intrests as compared to having a coalition of private and
individual broadcasters. - Daniel Bwente

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