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IT Mak students tops first class list PDF Print E-mail
submitted by Kayitale Herbert
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Hello i-netters, I was so excited when my course mates of Mak registered the highest number of first class degrees. Wow!!

Key points arising from this discussion:
  1. Its not about how many first class degrees a university gets, its about what the students can do when they are in the field
  2. I have several times in the past helped out in hiring for entry level IT positions. My findings 4 days and 98 interviews later: The heads from Makerere including (almost especially) those that carried impressive papers performed poorest.
  3. I would first make sure that the students passed genuinely. It is not uncommon to see Ugandan students with good papers and insufficient practical knowledge
  4. I think it's important that we applaud and congratulate these graduates getting first class degrees
  5. I also believe that the advances in ICT have also played a role in making information much easily accessible, we all know how access to information can make a big difference to life.
  6. I would have expected someone to raise the question how students were in this class? Is it a normal distribution……from a class of 1,200, 37 have scored 1st class, 550 successfully completed their degree program [and this is specifically BIT] the rest are still struggling with meeting the minimum requirements for graduation. To me this is absolutely a normal distribution [if you have done statistics you will appreciate what I am saying]. Comparing the numbers is missing the picture, the % distribution would enable one appreciate easily.
  7. I also think more emphasis in the theory lectures should be put into the overall application of the content rather that basic knowledge of the concept. An example is in a programming test, being asked to write the syntax of a “for” loop. I think it would be more useful to ask a question requiring a for loop

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