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Orange has become so slow PDF Print E-mail
submitted by John Kibuuka
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Orange everywhere Internet has been really fast until last week when the most browsed websites could not be loaded. It was and still is a pain to get to websites like yahoo mail and gmail. Other websites too are loading at a snail's pace.

Is it only myself experiencing this? I have just renewed my account at the end of last week but no improvements at all.

Key points arising from this discussion:

  1. what actually qualifies a "slow Internet"? What benchmarks can we use? for purpose of clarity, could we establish a few parameter/benchmarks according to which you measure and then conclude that your link is slow/fast/okay?
  2. I suggest we use http://speedtest.net to do this. The most accurate is to do at least 2 tests, once for your local link, to the server in Kampala, and then one for international traffic.
  3. Our recommended solution is to monitor your Internet endpoint with a good reliable open source firewall, this can then a) tell you your historical bandwidth usage as well as you current instant usage, as that is what matters really not what speed you get to site x?
  4. Good would always be compared to what you pay for. We pay for 256kbps, so good is if we get that, *very* good is that we get almost 5 times more on our local link.

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  1. Speedtest - http://speedtest.net
  2. There is also speed test tool if UTL is your ISP at http://speedtest.utlonline.co.ug/
  3. http://performance.toast.net or http://internetfrog.com, for testing outside of the country
  4. Orange Uganda - http://www.orange.ug/
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