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Weekly Discussion Roundup 2nd – 8th March 2015 PDF Print E-mail

1. Paypal Receive in Uganda Initiated by Sacha Obado

I made a purchase on eBay and the money was deducted but the item never arrived.  I was told that a refund is not possible in Uganda


Kenya only just recently got admitted to the "sacred" list of countries which Paypal allows to withdraw cash.


I have received eBay refunds twice via PayPal before. I think that restriction is for merchant accounts and money transfers.



There is a lot of unnecessary red tape in getting that approved through Bank of Uganda.


Any PayPal account that's registered in Uganda cannot receive money. It's a money laundering / international finance issue for PayPal.

Conclusion/ Remarks

Use funds to buy something else or find someone who it needs to buy something online.


Don't choose Uganda as a country of residence. I chose Kenya and it worked for me.


Connect a debit/credit card from any of the international banks


My query is more about receiving money after the refund window is closed, after 30 days.

2. MTN AIRTME CAN BE LOADED ON AIRTEL LINE! Initiated By Wahabu Kyewalyanga

Can UCC help  run advertisements to educate our local people that all telecoms in Uganda are now using one code:  to load and check airtime?





Conclusion/ Remarks

I think UCC is going overboard with its fines. [Response : No, UCC is not going overboard. The shortcodes usage guideline was issued by UCC more than two years back. Many telcos sat back and never made the changes to fit in with it. Actually, UCC has been overly tolerant.]


Hope they'll also hand out fines for telcos that still allow unregistered SIM cards.

3. FM RADIOS ONLINE Initiated by Busuulwa Gilbert

We are compiling a  list of  FM Radios in and around Kampala WEBCASTING their FM broadcasts. Priority is given to frequencies between 87 to 90 and or those FMs which goes beyond but have effective 24hr online reception.






Conclusion/ Remarks

Am only aware of 93.3 MHz KFM and the sister station Dembe FM on 90.4MHz..


​94.8 xfm, and Bukedde fama


I would suggest you go to Www.tunein.com and look at Ugandan stations, listen to some of those streaming to determine who actually does live streaming.


Try http://radio.ugo.co.ug


4. Huawei E5180 4G LTE router Initiated by James Kasiita

I have a  *Huawei E5180 4G LTE router from *africell and its working nicely > on LAN, but has failed to pick up wireless. Please  advise






Conclusion/ Remarks

Your wireless configuration could be incorrect so you need to either
contact the service provider or a network professional to work on it.


If you manage to login the web interface for the router using the default gateway,

look for the WLAN Menu or settings. If you can't see it then your device can't do wireless

or it needs a software upgrade.






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