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MTN's Mobile Money PDF Print E-mail

submitted by Wamundu Muzamil
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Can some one help explain for me how Mobile money works; I have a problem
with the service fees which is charged for both sending and withdraw. What
different is this from direct Bank transfers??

Imagine i am sending money to my old man in the village, i pay to register
and also pay service fees to send the money and his also required to pay to
register and also pay for service fees to withdraw the money.

To me, this is a double charging and i mean its CHEATING.

Some of the issues raised were not directly related to mobile money but about ISPs and how they could provide better value to their customers. This summary has been divided into two to take care of the diverging issues that emerged.

Key points on Mobile Money
How does it compare with other traditional means of money transfer!
The MTN Mobile Money Rates, are here (and are also posted everywhere there
is a centre): http://www.mtn.co.ug/MTN-Products/MTN-Mobile-Money/MTN-Mobile-Money-Rates.aspx. the cost of the service vs. the value it provides for many a user should not be called 'Cheating'.

About MTN Mobile money

Feedback: Experience of using mobile money
Someone at I-Network recently had the opportunity to use Mobile money. 42,000 shillings was sent to a non registered mobile money user who does not have a bank account. Uganda shillings 1,500 was charged to register for the sender. Uganda shillings 2,000 of the 42,000 sent was the charge for sending to a non registered person.

The person in Mbale was not charged anything to receive their 40,000 shillings.
It was the most effective way to send money urgently to someone with no bank account and with limited literacy skills. They received a text message on their phone while at the mobile money agent’s place. They also received a code from the sender through telephone call which allowed them to get their money through the agent’s phone.

Other issues arising from this discussion:
1. You know what wouldn't be cheating.Telcos not charging customers by the KB and offering real data plans instead.

2. if i can't reach gmail or Yahoo on my phone or any website due to telco..gateway servers not having internet...why should i be charged?? remember it's there problem not yahoo or gmail's problem....this is clearly cheating ...this means even when there is no data services, they make money

3. The data plans shall come; sooner than later. However, the word 'unlimited' may take on a new meaning - I think there'd definitely be a cap (they refer to these caps as fair-use or fair-play caps in the western world). I believe Orange is already offering the same (with their iPhone packages as well as their 3G modems). Its just that they don't make much sense to the telco if its only running a 2/2.5G network - such plans would have a heavy negative impact on the quality of the voice services.

4. Currently ISP's are selling high-speed, limited GB packages, and people complain about the GB cap.The alternative is lower speed, unlimited plans. (Which will make people complain that they are slow)We cant have High-Speed, Unlimited *and* cheap plans. We can't have high-speed, unlimited *and* cheap plans? Yes we can. I believe that it's simply a matter of time and activism (on our part).

5. I think this should be considered by ISPs, and should've probably been the goal of the exchange point. If guys we charged less for local content, a lot local content that’s being hosted in the US & Europe, would come back, and we would probably have local data plans as well. Which Is beneficial if all I want is check my mail, hosted at Telecommunications house and probably do reading up on MIT open courseware from the MUK or UCU mirrors. I think this would open up more opportunities for VAS like media streaming and file hosting.

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