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Weekly Discussion Roundup 9th-15th March, 2015. PDF Print E-mail

1. External Voices in my calls Initiated by Jude Mukundane

Tapped calls/ cross-talk




“These days when I make calls, before the line connects, I hear voices in my phone. It is as if my phone connects to some endpoint somewhere that lets me eavesdrop on the conversations of other people… It is happening mostly with my UTL line.”


“A friend of mine calling my numbers for tests said her phone was answered by a woman. On second attempt, she was able to get thru to my phone.”


Conclusion/ Remarks

“There is a network issue known as 'cross-talk', where subscribers end up receiving calls which aren't meant for them.”


“This might arise out of poor channel provisioning and assignment at the initial switching stage of the call routing terminal called the BSC  an wherealready allocated TS on one channel is reassigned to a Mobile Station requesting for a similar resource.”

2. Beware which apps you install on your Phone Initiated by Ephraim Batambuze.

Apps that steal your information.





“Ideally, they are supposed to access only your flashlight, but do more than that including:

View, delete and modify your storage

View your internet connections

Prevent your device from sleeping

Get your exact location via GPS

Modify system settings

Disable screen lock

Install shortcuts and more”


Conclusion/ Remarks

“Before you install any app, you need to know how much access it has on your phone. Some apps are designed with an intention of stealing information.”


“Next time you see your phone slowing down, Just know someone maybe remotely using it for his own gain.”

3. Lenovo Spyware embedded Initiated by Andrew Oboth

Lenovo uses Superfish spyware to track users browsing activity




“One lawsuit filed in a federal court charges both Lenovo and Superfish with violating wiretap laws and trespassing on personal property, the legal firm has launched a class action investigation over potential claims against Lenovo's actions.”


“Revelations that many of its PCs include a software program called Superfish Visual Discovery. Considered either adware or spyware, Superfish tracks your Web searches and browsing activity to place additional ads on the sites you visit. But the software also installs its own root certificate that leaves affected PCs more vulnerable to malware attacks.”


Conclusion/ Remarks

“Lenovo has apologized for the problem and has begun work to resolve it.”


“Meanwhile, the class action investigation launched by the New York-based Rosen Law Firm is looking for consumers who purchased the affected Lenovo PCs and want to participate in a class action lawsuit.”


This news can be found on the following sites:



PC World



4. Vodafone data Renewal Initiated by David Mushabe

Data runs out before it’s time.





“What's the best but convenient way to pay? Meanwhile their AD indicated unlimited data for a month but looks like I hit the limit 'out of bundle' error showing.”


“For instance on 4th March we loaded 50,000 on each of our three [Orange/Africell] modems but one expired on 10th March, another one on 13th March and another one warned 80% used up on 12th March! I believe someone is stealing from us (clients).”


“Vodafone lies, which is a big business ethical issue. They lie that they have unlimited internet when it is actually bundled. And this begs the question, if they lie that about this, why should we trust that their 35, 50 or 60GB is actually that.”


Conclusion/ Remarks

“I read on their [Vodafone] website that you can renew with MTN Mobile money you can confirm with their website.”


“To load data I normally use Payway. Other methods include MTN Mobile money and Vodafone agents across Kampala.”


“The T&Cs make mention of the fair usage policy and the dropped speeds if you exceed the cap they set. In my opinion, this is not lying but possibly misleading advertising…. Always remember that the devil is in the details [T&C]!”


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