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A reason to love Linux and other Unix versions PDF Print E-mail

This is an extract of the highlights of a discussion on I-Network mailing list started by Andrew Bwogi. This discussion generated 26 related responses

Guys, I have been suffering silently, changing Operating systems like there's no tomorrow in search of system efficiency in terms of less cpu time and memory consumption (what many call 'these programs are too heavy for my computer')

God, why did't take me too long to realize that linux gives you very simple tools to twick your system however lousy the processing and memory abilities, to work real efficiently(fast).

By checking your load average times, identify processor time chewing processes, change their access priority levels or even terminate them, I've realized that you make your cpu and memory available for more processes which makes't way faster than when you first used it.

My my my! My p III copermine 750Mhz processor's rendering an architectural walk through(I'm using blender) and all other memory and processor intensive applications running simultaneously are no longer making it scream(you know that cpu fan noise intensifying by
the minute...!)! The load average is shockingly slightly above 1 or below. Guys, what other operating system gives you this flexibility?

It is our obligation to help the public choose the most effective tools to better themselves in this information age.

Key points raised

  • Flexibility counts when you know what to play around with and that still eludes many..In fact it's a very big project in itself. Our first challenge is to get the general public to like computers. Here, simplicity and ease of use is paramount.

  • I also want to believe that besides simplicity and ease of use there're other factors, also as important to the public as the one you've just mentioned. Take the economic aspect. Unixes like linux come bundled with all the software you need. In fact you're spoilt for choice. AND FOR FREE!

  • Other factors including system stability, virus management and many others will be tools for us to guide the public on the acquisition and use of ICTs in our poor countries.

  • Many people have many environments and deciding factors among others costs, security etc. I think for Uganda/Africa we could also add innovation, especially in our learning institutions.

  • I think for linux to be promoted esp. here, firstly we should look forward to Microsoft's Piracy law becoming more serious ..since 90% computers in Uganda run pirated windows ...then it will be 90% running linux :) but also i think the biggest problem is attitude ...the first impression is so important that windows still rules because of the simplicity picture it painted since beginning ...if you look at susu 10.3 and above, its so simplified almost as windows ..am sure though time is coming when linux will rule ..if training institutes and schools can add linux as a default computers basics package ..that would help greatly!

  • Should we promote Linux because it's latest versions are equally as good as their windows counterparts OR because of the "windows" cost that many cannot afford?

  • Why does it have to be OR. I use Linux because the latest versions IMHO are equally as good as their Windows counterparts, and it doesn't me to try out new programs just my time. In addition it is far more immune to viruses. It is this collection of advantages that has made me and many others make the switch. How ever I would also be the first to point out it still has a long way to go in terms of application support i.e Adobe Suite etc, but as 90% of the users haven't paid the $$$$ it costs to use these applications, and would not do so if they had too, I find it a little hypocritical to site that as a reason not to use Linux/Unix/BSD.

  • The niche of "Open source" and it's products is the tag "FREE". Its biggest "background" problem is that "you have no one to blame". You are made to think that "the world will come to your rescue should you get stuck" --but remember you have no one to blame should no one come to your rescue. Except these companies?

  • http://www.ubuntu.com/support
    and yes unfortunately you will have to pay for it

    Interesting read Just makes me wonder, if Microsoft has all these disadvantages, why can't the common man just switch?

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