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Why should we promote Linux PDF Print E-mail

04 March 2010

A recent discussion on the mailing list looked at the reasons why one should use Linux as an operating system and whether this is good for Uganda. an extract of this discussion is below

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"I think for linux to be promoted esp. here, firstly we should look forward to Microsoft's Piracy law becoming more serious ..since 90% computers in Uganda run pirated windows ...then it will be 90% running linux :) but also i think the biggest problem is attitude ...the first impression is so important that windows still rules because of the simplicity picture it painted since beginning ...if you look at susu 10.3 and above, its so simplified almost as windows ..am sure though time is coming when linux will rule ..if training institutes and schools can add linux as a default computers basics package ..that would help greatly!"

Highlighted Discussion can be found here

Do you agree that the biggest hindrance in the up take of Linux operating systems in Uganda is the attitude of Ugandans towards the system?


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