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How can Uganda get more citizend online? PDF Print E-mail

19 March 2010

Despite Uganda being connected to the undersea fibre optic cable, uptake of internet has not increased as much as some of her nieghbours.

Members of the I-Network list discuss reasons why this may be so.Key issues raised include:

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At least Ug has worked on internet connectivity. In Tz, internet is so expensive and you wonder whats wrong with the companies (ISPs). its so slow and unaffordable.

We saw a slide from Aidan at Seacom. It showed the increase in Internet capacity for several countries in Africa, SA - 500%, Mozambique - 750%, Kenya - 300% and Uganda - 150% Why so low?

1. Given that Uganda has a similar magnitude of internet users to kenya (2.5million compared to 3.3million see link below) it goes without saying that the increase to Uganda is grossly inadequate but hopefully EASSY which is now under construction will bring about a difference http://www.internetworldstats.com/stats1.htm#africa

2. Well I check the link below almost weekly and for the last 2 months Uganda is in the Top 2; http://www.speedtest.net/global.php#0,5 I think our increase in speed due to Seacom was 150% because we already had good speeds.

3. In the short term, pure penetration rates will not be significantly impacted by international capacity, as much they would be by improvement in local delivery infrastructure.

4. That last mile, in addition to several other factors such as education levels, affordability of computing systems, e.t.c., is what will determine how deeply Internet services trickle.

5. The most EASSy will do is, likely, reduce per-Mbps pricing for operators to the outside world. Performance will not differ that much (the physics of the cables). A lower operator bandwidth cost does not necessarily mean more people will get online (although I wish it did).

6. However, once the fiber is here, evidence seems to suggest that uptake is still way much lower than the countries you mentioned. Could it be that the companies in the It/Telco sectors there are more aggressive or better organized? I personally don't think it has much to do with affordability or pricing...at least not yet

7. Getting more folk online isn't about capacity to the outside world when submarine systems are available (bandwidth is cheaper, nearly infinite, e.t.c.). Getting more folk online is about being able to reach them, reliably.

8. This has always been the biggest problem of the Internet; how to reach users. If all users could camp at the ISP's data centre and get online, we'd all be happy - but that's not practical.

9. how do you offload all that capacity brought in over SEACOM and TEAMS to the "wananchi"?

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