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Weekly Discussion Roundup 16th - 28th March 2015 PDF Print E-mail

1. Vodafone data Renewal Initiated by David Mushabe

What's the best but convenient way to pay for Vodafone airtime?


Using payway. Their unlimited data has a Fair Use Policy meant to safeguard against those users who will jam the network just for the sake of it.


Vodafone lie that they have unlimited internet when it is actually bundled.( Response: Everything is explained in the terms and conditions.)


Unlimited internet is sold in speeds, and the speeds don't go down because you hit a certain bundle limit.


Unlimited Internet applies ALMOST ENTIRELY to dedicated links only.

Conclusion/ Remarks

So what's unlimited; is it speed or amount of data?

2. Business Ideas Initiated By Kenneth

Advise on which businesses you could do with capital worth 8 million shillings and get returns preferably 500000 shillings a month






Conclusion/ Remarks

Start a Web Hosting Business.


Find a structured company in line with your career and buy some shares.


Get a fund manager and you agree on the terms of payment. I can manage the 8m at a return of 350,000 per month under a 6 months review agreement.


Double that amount so you enter the IT channel business world, such as becoming a reseller, VAR, distributor or even Value added Distributor. Many possibilities.

3. Dell mother board. Initiated by Herbert Ndugwa

I am interested in replacing the motherboards of my Dell Optiplex 390 and Optiplex 330 system units. Quotations?






Conclusion/ Remarks

Why don’t you consider  new machines?
What mileage do you think  an Optiplex 330 is going to give you at this time? Those are Pentium machines, the world has moved to icore machines


The cost for the motherboard and replacement costs @ $130 0414 580436

4. Monitor Business Directory Initiated By John Kyakuwa Nsambu

Did  some members ever receive  communication or refund from Monitor group . after failing to print a business directory for this year, yet they collected money from companies for publishing their businesses in the Business directory year 2015?





Conclusion/ Remarks

The Monitor Business Directory is no longer available in print copy. Do visit http://monitordirectory.co.ug/ for any business contacts and to upload your own details. All our advertisers who had paid for ads in the directory were refunded. Do contact me off list with your receipt if you did not get your refund..

5. USB to Serial Port Converter Initiated by Kyeyune Ivan Mark

Can anyone point me in a direction where i can get a USB to Serial Port Converter. I recently bought a laptop without the serial port and yet i would want to use a projector.


When you're looking for any electronic part assistance from the cloud, take and mention the model of the part you're looking for.  Try Computer Works Uganda. www.computerworksug.com shop number 29A Kira House opp. NIC building

Conclusion/ Remarks

Try Master Electronics on Kampala Road.


I believe that  the correct name for the missing port on your laptop is the VGA port  (Video Graphics Array port). In newer laptops, this is being replaced by  DVI or better still, HDMI ports. Your projector (if it is an older version) probably has no HDMI port but has a VGA port.  In this case you would need  VGA to HDMI ( or to DVI) converter cable.


Make sure the USB to Serial converter you buy comes with device drivers. Usually they would give you the CD containing its drivers

6. Cisco SG100-24

Has anyone succeeded with connecting together two of these unmanaged switches at a distance of at least 35 meters apart?

Conclusion/ Remarks

What seems to be the challenge?

You may want to read up on Avaya's Fabric Connect technology.



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