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Weekly Discussion Roundup 29th March - 5th April 2015 PDF Print E-mail

1. Bubengo International Group, legit or scam? Initiated  by Wahabu Kyewalyanga

They charge  money from whoever applies. do people still need to pay for applications for any post here in Uganda?




Asking 100,000 per  interview.
1,320 vacancies available.( to afford salaries of those many people, but fail to conduct interviews for free?)
Not specifying qualifications, just O and A level regardless of the position.


I have heard of cases before where people have applied and on the day of the interview, the purported recruiting organisation is no where to be seen!!

Conclusion/ Remarks

You don't advertise 1,000 jobs and fill 2 positions.

If you receive so many applications, there is a high chance that you are committing fraud

2. No access to server Initiated by Ayoub Kakande

I have installed  tomcat 6 on windows 7 64bit, java7 is up and environment path set but cannot access server





Conclusion/ Remarks

Disable your windows server firewall.


Can you access other TCP ports or ping the machine? If no, look into your networking. else, look into whether tomcat is allowing remote connections.


Make sure the wireless AP configurations does not block port 8080


Use Tomcat 8.0.6 onwards and Java 8. (Response: It was a firewall Issue)

3. Top visited websites in Uganda Feb 2015 Initiated by David Mushabe

Do you agree with the stats given for top visited websites for February?





Conclusion/ Remarks

I have Google Analytics data for three of the sites, and it's obviously very significantly different.


Whatever happened to Alexa?


Wrong statistics! By mere use of common sense, the figures shown for the URA website are too unrealistic.


Do you mind sharing statistics from other sources for purposes of comparing with what Alexa gives?

4. Backup disk vault services Initiated by Timothy Sempewo Emadit

Any service providers with backup disk off-site vault service?





Conclusion/ Remarks

Contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


MTN Uganda does.  Send your requirements to MTN Talk Business:  on

talkbusiness < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >


Look into onesolution


I would put my trust in clouds like Dropbox, Google Dive, OneDrive, Amazon S3 etc

5.  Cisco IP phones Initiated by Mark Mugagga

Looking for Cisco IP phones model 7960. Please contact me on +256755382252






Conclusion/ Remarks

Computer point.

6. Voice calls on Whatsapp- Now you can! Initiated By Edgar Mutebi

One can now make high quality voice calls with the WhatsApp Messenger. Voice has been such a cash cow for Telcos, can data compensate for that loss?


The one good thing that will come with this is probably competition in this market. People have been using Skype Viber, Imo, Facebook and recently Firefox Hello to make voice calls. (Response: none mentioned above has the financial backing to handle the increased traffic like Whatsapp and maintain quality standards.)


High quality? Not for my case.


Our emails, sms, phone calls and soon internet will be managed, stored and  owned by a foreign companies. (Response : if you are worried about that, then the first step for you should be to quit Gmail, skype, hangouts)

Conclusion/ Remarks

The time has come NOT TO resist change but to think ahead and prepare for the unknown.


Telecoms provide employment to thousands of our people both directly and indirectly. (Response: Whatsapp does not own edge network infrastructure and therefore can not put Telcos/ISPs out of play.)(Response2: the airtime seller will still sell their airtime. One still needs to load airtime to activate a data bundle.)

7. Certified Phone repair shop initiated By Patrick Kadama

Is there  a shop anyone can recommend for smart phone repairs in warranty especially samsung ?






Conclusion/ Remarks

Midcom, Acacia Avenue


BugaTech with trained engineers.  Mob: 772 481 111  near to Triangle Hotel. (Response: I disagree. They have never repaired my phones of one and a half years ago)


If the phone is still under warranty , why not take it back to the samsung repair center on Jinja road?



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