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Q1 2010: Letters PDF Print E-mail
Free school management software available:
I would just like to inform you that we have finished an evaluation version of a school management software program, BestGrade, available for free to all schools in Uganda.

The program may be used for report cards, student lists, ID cards, and other tasks. For those who would like a copy it is available for download from our website at www.bestgrade.org. We are finalizing the details of the software and also incorporating any suggestions from users.

Additionally, for those schools that are interested, we are doing free demonstrations and trainings in Kampala until the 17th of February. Subject to availability, if you set an appointment we may visit your school free of charge.

-Daniel Schier
Director, Project Best Grade
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ISPs publish capacity on local loops:
I think someone should publish the bandwidth on the Local loop Network available for DATA. i.e. how much bandwidth does UTL for instance have between Nsambya Switch and Gaba Base site. Usually it will be under 2Mbps. Now you tell me you want to stream over this capacity.
Lorika Matthew


ICT awards website a disaster!
Dear Editor, I am so disappointed with the website for http://www.ictuganda.org/ to put up such a website with crucial information like the ICT Awards, you rather do away without a website....! Just my simple advise to the Technocrats behind it please outsource some other firm to redesign your website in a professional way..!

Chongomweru Halimu
Msc. CS & IT
IUT-Dhaka Bangladesh 


Satellite decoders as coke vending machines:
Those people who watch the premier league in rainy areas of the country can bear me witness, we all understand that Weather affects Digital signals but not for two hours and most importantly during a crucial games.

I believe and know that there is a way a signal can be protected from weather problems although the difference comes in the transmission expenses. I wonder if our super providers (DSTV) could not think of this knowing that in some parts of the world (Africa in particular) it is rains, given the price it goes for to have the system installed.

While they are at it, why don't they add the option to have
the satellite decoders act as coke vending machines. One needs to drink when watching the game.

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