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Weekly Discussion Roundup 6th-12th April, 2015. PDF Print E-mail

1. MTN Mobile Money Fraud Initiated by Albert Mucunguzi

The case is beginning to turn into The Independent vs. MTN Uganda initiated. (Article.....)




“My worry however is that with all the argumentation, the big boys are beginning to miss a crucial point: A big part of such litigation is theatre.”


Conclusion/ Remarks

“Why should we abandon facts and progress for satire and laughs especially when careers, reputation and even prison time is at stake here? Probably it’s easier to make those comments when it’s not your life or business in the dock or stage!”


2. Challenges in explaining the Windows MultiPoint Server (WMS) system in schools Initiated by John Kyakuwa Nsambu

How best does one handle such challenges?





“…He [the computer teacher] said if the system can do all these functions, it means it is very expensive and very difficult to manage. He was a man who could not listen, he could not allow me to explain, I thought he was afraid of being ashamed in front of his boss.”


“Truth is many of the so called IT teachers in the school just have the basic knowledge of MS Office.”

Conclusion/ Remarks

“The dilemma is that the Head Masters supposed to hire computer teachers are also green about them. So they could land on genuine or fake teachers.”


“And there exist dishonest IT service providers who exploit this ignorance of their consumers and sell to them things they do not need.”


“How about you explain to them how much it will cost/save the school compared to standalone desktop computers. If the headmaster sees the value in terms of how much it will save the school, the uninformed opinion of the teacher won't count any more.”


3. Free Internet Initiated by Anthony Nuwagaba

How safe is the free internet in different hotspots in town?


“Free internet hotspots include:

Ntinda around Crestfoam

Ntinda Quality supermarket to Tuskys

Sure House-Watoto area

Nados- Uganda House area.



“It does not [ask for a password when you connect]. It is a capped link as they are just range testing at the moment.”

Conclusion/ Remarks

“I wouldn’t advise anybody to use that wi-fi without security.”


“Until the cost of access to internet comes within reach to ordinary people, this "free wifi" will remain tempting. It’s like coming across a spring of water in a desert; some will be prepared to take a sip even when there is a possibility that the spring is poisoned.”


4. Data counter Initiated by Dan Nviri

How does one find out the data used and left when using a wireless router?











Conclusion/ Remarks

“One way is by asking for a   report from your Internet Service Provider.”


“There are routers that have the capability to monitor Data Usage, and would generate statistics for both Down and Up links.”


“You need to configure net flow monitor service on your routers. Any cisco router can be used.”



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