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Weekly Discussion Roundup 13th -26th April 2015 PDF Print E-mail

1. Paypal Initiated by Douglas Musunga

Are paypal Kenyan users able to receive funds now? If true, do i need to register a paypal account in Kenya or can i manipulate my Ugandan account to receive funds.


PayPal Kenya receives funds [Response: Do i need to register an account in Kenya! Or I can tweak my old account? ]



Conclusion/ Remarks

PayPal and Equity Bank have an agreement in Kenya that allows you to receive funds to an equity account which also has an ATM card.


Why stick to paypal which charges huge fees anyway? You can ask anyone to pay you in bitcoins which you can then use to buy stuff online. If interested, I can also help turn them into Ug shs.

2. IT Managers Initiated by Badru Ntege

Is there an IT managers association or grouping in Uganda ?  If not I would be very interested to explore the formation of one. Those interested can get back to me offline so we explore the possibilities.





Conclusion/ Remarks

Sometime this year I was sharing with George Musaanya of  Finance Trust Bank, who said that him and a group of  IT Managers from other banks are working on the formation of something like that.  You may need to explore more with him.


Isn't there something like CIO Forum. Am not sure of the nomenclature but I think its run by Mr. Peter Mukuru (UCC). We might start there.

3. White space tech Initiated by Anthony Nuwagaba

Came across an article in some magazine where Whitespace technology is used to deliver highspeed broadband in rural areas, Do we have some one exploiting this in uganda. And  what does it mean.




Conclusion/ Remarks

“Whitespace ” in this case means ‘unused”. It targets use of   new radio communication services  in such a way that no harmful interference is caused to existing or planned  services.

4. Uganda Police and ICT Initiated by Julius Kuteega

Uganda Police came up with a computer generated visual of the suspected killers of Joan Kagezi. Can anyone ever make a positive Identification based on that picture? What can be done to help the police in this?




Who on this platform is close to the IGP General Kayihura? We can use practical data generated by the public like the Saferoad but I have failed to reach him.


Many of the popular bikes in Uganda were rejected by the Rwandese government. The structure of the bike is not built for

our terrain, hence accidents.


Conclusion/ Remarks

That picture is called a composite. The general idea being that someone might recognize a feature on the face that might help police to identify rather than the entire face per se


I still don't understand how saferoad will prevent Boda Boda related crime. [Response: Saferoad approach is a behavioural change strategy with a Call Centre to track drivers and passengers] [Response : You need to participate in the transport and insurance expo/conference for July this year. Get in touch with andrew at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ]


Saferoad code is too long for a text message.  Have you thought about using USSD as opposed to SMS?

5. Organisations with Video Conference in Uganda Initiated by Edward Kakooza

I need some information on which organisations in Uganda have Video Conferencing Equipment Installed and which technology they are using


The Via collage supports polycom.

0756 572391 is my contact.





Conclusion/ Remarks

Check with MUJHU Research Collaboration, Mulago


Try GLDC at UMI.

6. School based Internet filtering tool Initiated by John Sindani

A good filtering tool to be set up on the server as a way of promoting safe access to the net within a school setting. Either 1. Dansguardian or 2.Karoshi





Conclusion/ Remarks

I would encourage you to use dansguardian.
But you have to be ready for surprises, kids, by-pass these firewalls.

7. UCC digital forensic lab services Initiated by CERT

CERT has completed the set up of a digital forensics lab.


The lab is open and freely accessible to all for data recovery and investigations on computer and mobile devices as well as vulnerability assessment for networks and websites. Contact CERT via email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or via our toll free 0800  133 911



Conclusion/ Remarks

Kudos to UCC on the milestone!!

This is a step in the right direction


8. Current status of digital migration Initiated by Albert Mucunguzi

Uganda Will Beat Digital Migration Deadline – Minister for Information Jim Muhwezi




No chance. The country needs 17 digital transmission centres to ensure nationwide coverage, only one has been installed.


We shall only be compelled to comply when the analogue satellite service for Uganda is cut off


What is the point of someone in Lamwo or Kihiihi buying the device when they are not sure they will have signal by 17th June?

Conclusion/ Remarks

To roll this out I would use the National ID Registration model.


I do not think it is prudent to trust private dealers with set top devices that you want to see scale; when demand soars, so will price.

9. Mpesa finally 'eats up' East Africa Initiated by David Mushabe

Mpesa now covers all East Africa countries including Zambia, DRC among others. Not heard of Ugandan enterprises expanding that fast. Banks can now start packing their bags.


An intermediary is necessary in a debit/credit system and that’s where banks come in.


Banks are too inflexible. What I would love to see is commercial banks turning to the IT industry for R&D for home-grown solutions to rival Mobile Money.

Conclusion/ Remarks

Banking Sector remains very relevant. Mobile money fraud is already happening in Uganda.


Africa thrives on informality hence the growth of mobile money unlike Europe where formality is emphasised. Economies of scale limit expansion of enterprises in Uganda.



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