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Weekly Discussion Roundup 27th April - 3rd May, 2015. PDF Print E-mail

1. Software for visually impaired staff Initiated by Mary Amumpaire

Visually impaired staff need software to enable them use a desktop.





Conclusion/ Remarks

“Try Jaws - JAWS, Job Access With Speech. It provides speech and braille output for the most popular computer applications on your PC.”


“If you are using windows; when you get to your "login user" page, check on the bottom left hand corner for the "ease of access" icon (it's round with arrows). When you click on it, it should give you a menu on which you should select "narrator." This should allow your computer to read things out load. For details follow the link”


2. DSTV rotting services Initiated by Gilbert Busuulwa.

Poor services offered by "pay TV."


“May be it's time for ISPs in Uganda start streaming of popular TV content.”


"Regarding infrastructure--UTL has copper network that at some point run from Gulu to Kabale but currently is carrying zero-traffic. We can still deliver broadband speeds off that redundant network.

The other realistic option is Broadband over Power Lines (BPL) which will involve a partnership with UMEME and relying on their extensive infrastructure without interrupting the power supply to deliver broadband to people’s homes.”


“Issue Raised:

1. I fully (pre-) paid my subscription two days to expiry but still they cut me off based on their miscalculations.

2. I'm wondering why Gotv/Dstv is offering us 24/7 broadcast services with 8hr ONLY customer service?

3. In this modern ICT age, this "so called corporate" cannot come near any e-commerce practice to provide its clients with Toll Free Line.

4. In a space of one week, I've got a breakdown of my services at least thrice. The trick is that magic SMS company hired to put you back whenever you get a blackout i.e. dial 6488 and you're back in few seconds.”


“Irony is the increased prices”


“The issue with broadcasting [streaming online] is content rights and licensing - it's problem riddled with cost and red-tape.

Some ISP's that get into this game also develop their in-house content by rolling out a media department, but that requires hard cash.

…We, in Africa, barely have everyone on a mobile phone, let alone a mobile data package - how well do you think we are doing with fibre into every building?”


“The nature of red-tape is to keep the status-quo as is. Keep those already in...er....in and keep new players out. This is a challenge but it’s not insurmountable for a determined ISP especially one with hard cash.”


“Unlike Europe, Africa is not united or of a single economic mind. So while, technically, one can string an optical circuit from Cape Town to Cairo, the political and economic differences between African countries will ensure this never happens.”


Conclusion/ Remarks

“If u directed this email to DSTV management, it could help them out in bettering their service delivery.”


“The days of linear broadcasting are numbered. The only reason most still exist is because of sports. Otherwise, streaming will catch on.”


“There is no access problem in my opinion just absence of bold thinking ISPs ready to push our continent forward.”


“The only way this goes away is through government legislation to deliver a neutral fibre platform that every service provider can use at the same (low) price.”


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