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By Joel Kamba

ICT4E Training in secondary schools

Although, many schools have acquired computers through various initiatives and made efforts to maintain school ICT labs, it has been noted that the  teachers’ attitudes and behaviour towards use of computers has not changed a lot.

Teachers have continued to use their traditional methods of teaching using manual methods in their work; lesson planning, presentations, report writing, use of images and videos to explain some topics.

It is worse in the rural schools widening the digital divide in rural and urban education systems.

Teachers are not on top of their game in administering the integration of ICT in education although the ICT policy states it clearly.

The draft policy  ‘ICT for Education sector’: says getting the benefit of ICT in education requires skilled teachers. Simply providing computer and Internet access will not ensure learning, and in some cases can result in inappropriate use. Teachers familiar with more traditional teaching methods often find it difficult to find good uses for the technology, often leading to underused equipment. The situation is further complicated by a widespread lack of understanding of the potential of ICT.”

To address the problem, Computers for Schools Uganda (CfSU) and IICD, came up with the ICT for Education Project(ICT4E)  to try and close the mismatch created through acquisition of computers by schools, with limited use.

ICT4E project aims at training teachers on the use of ICTs to improve the quality of teaching and learning
13 secondary schools have so far benefited from the project and training for 20 teachers whose ICT skills were assessed will soon commence.
Currently, two trainings have been conducted at Mbarara High School  and Arua Public S.S, and each has received a wireless network, a synology server with 1T.B of storage has been installed to accommodate ICT enhanced content from various sources including that developed by teachers to be used in the classrooms.

“Their feedback is encouraging but there is need for continuous engagement in the use of ICT for teaching and learning through monitoring and mentorship programs. This way, teachers will gradually adjust to the use of ICT in the classroom,” said an official from cfsu.

Low use of computers has been attributed to lack of continuous  refresher trainings by teachers in use of ICTs for Education.

Comment on how teachers’ attitudes and behaviour can be changed to enable them use ICT in education delivery.

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