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Weekly Discussion Roundup 25th-31st May, 2015. PDF Print E-mail

1. Airtel robbed me! Initiated by Daniel Ninsiima

I'm so livid and exasperated with Airtel for literally robbing me of my airtime worth 1200 UGX for caller tunes [that I never activated].





“I have been out of the country [for the past 6 months] and moved with all my SIM cards. I was up late last night when I received a message from 157 that I had been charged 600 UGX for Juliana's song woman as a caller tune and that the song would expire in 30 days. At the end of the message, there was a provision to opt-out by sending the word DEACT to the same number which i did immediately. Instead of deactivating me from the service, I was shocked when a second message came in that I had been charged a further 600 UGX for Babirye's song Maama!”


“They went through nearly 10k one morning while I was looking at my phone.  In 150/= transactions by the way.  It was like magic. Message comes -> money goes.”


“Orange users should also be careful.  Despite having data for internet use, they decided that it was more profitable to use the cash loaded on the account rather than the data!”


Conclusion/ Remarks

“I now have reason to believe that you use fictitious records to rob unsuspecting Ugandans.”


“UCC hasn't been of much help in such cases.”


“To make it worse, the explanations from the customer center do not make sense, they are not LOGICAL!”


“I filed a complaint with UCC and attached a voice recording of the conversation I had with customer care but UCC remains silent on the issue.”


UCC’s guidelines regarding complaints are pretty clear, but seem to have loopholes that can work in the favour of an unscrupulous operator. Especially at the point where a consumer cannot submit a complaint to UCC without a valid complaint reference number issued by the operator (ticket number, trouble ticket are other names used).”

2. Right to be forgotten Initiated by Robert Wamala

Is there policy on the right to be forgotten?


“Yes there is on the European Commission site here…





Conclusion/ Remarks


3. Data Protection Regulation Initiated by Ronald Wejuli

Other data protection guidelines.


“There are frameworks in respect to law and governance here…..


“There are also some highlights given by a one Ambrose Ruyooka at an ISACA event here….


Apparently, there is also a National Cyber Security Strategy here……..


And if you have some time, there is a book written by “Uchenna Jerome Orji” here…... It does make an interesting read into Cyber Security Law and Regulation with Nigeria as a case study and scales across into the region and AU.”




Conclusion/ Remarks


4. E-Learning system Initiated by Robert Kasozi

Where can I get cost effective e-learning system good for tertiary institution?


“Try Moodle. It seems to be the leader in open source educational systems, is very mature and works for all types of institutions.”


Drupal is better, if you want a cutting edge solution.”




Conclusion/ Remarks

“You might want to check with UTAMU.”


“I have implemented Moodle (Open source) and it has proven to be stable, light and easy to deploy.”


“We use it [Moodle] at MUBS so you can get assistance on how to develop your own customised system.”


5. Change the serial number of a mobile phone Initiated by Dan Nviri

Is it possible?


“If you mean International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) change, yes it’s possible. There’re a number of IMEI Changer software.



“Thieves robbed my phone so it won’t be able to be tracked if the number has been changed.”

Conclusion/ Remarks

“Why would you change it? Sometimes it is for security reasons.”


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