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Weekly Discussion Roundup 8th-14th June, 2015. PDF Print E-mail

1. Finance budget site hacked Initiated by Samuel Sanya


“This is a common hack that showed up last year, updating drupal core and contrib modules can fix it.”



“It seems the guys [hackers] have been busy overnight (and past few days). They took down a couple of websites as they indicate on their Twitter and Facebook page.”


“It's actually very possible that we don't have the appropriate skills required for most of these [high profile website development] projects.”


“I have not seen them [Ug-CERT] weigh in here or tell us how safe other internet-facing government or Ugandan sites are.”


“Many of Government sites are hardly maintained. Sourcing highly skilled firms at the beginning of project with no support budgets is one area that needs improvement.”

Conclusion/ Remarks

“I believe that such sites should be custom built on the basis of "Deny all first, allow where necessary". Many of these CMSs come with lots of features that Admins forget to configure/disable once the site is set up.”


“[Customisation is a] good point, but not practical or backed by evidence.

Do you have a custom phone, custom car to avoid security vulnerabilities (read Toyota troubles), or custom operating system. They are threats at different levels, and they are ways to secure your site.”


“It is exactly what I was saying - for you to invest in securing a CMS, you need a team of experts to go thru every line of code. Why not build your own lousy looking but secure site - like those Embassy Visa Application sites.”


“I can bet a hacker would have easier access penetrating a Ugandan custom built website than a well maintained CMS website if they are motivated to do so. Why? Because like the Linux argument CMS have many security experts working on securing them.”


2. Socia media critic sent to crowbar hotel Initiated by Cavin Mugarura

Museveni social media critic sent to Luzira Prison........





“The 1995 Constitution gives all Ugandans freedom of expression.

And the police case is a joke at best, the so called Tom Voltaire Okwalinga [TVO], has been posting while Shaka is at the crowbar hotel [prison].”

Conclusion/ Remarks

“…the TVO page on Facebook has been pulled down - lending some credibility to the possibility that police have finally netted the real TVO. The current one was created one day ago and has fewer followers than the previous TVO page.


…..I will echo the Pope on freedom of speech: ‘Freedom of speech comes with the responsibility to speak for the common good.’”


“The Pope is far, Amin said (allegedly) – ‘I can guarantee you freedom of speech but not freedom after speech.’

Point is, is there any difference.”



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