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By Jude Mukundane CTO of the RootIO Project

RootIO is a project that builds low power grassroots level FM radio stations. These stations are so small  - they are actually set up in a bucket.

Large stations are good and serve communities fairly well, but they are devoid of specificity and are therefore not an optimal means for community level information dissemination as can be witnessed by numerous communal placards and community announcers with megaphones. Yet, size is a key factor in the sustainability of radio stations. RootIO therefore seeks to make stations less dependent on a large listenership for sustainability in a bid to level the playground for various categories of Radio content.

At RootIO we believe that the people who depend on Radio the most should be able to have some control over a medium on which they depend so much. This is why we are making radio stations small enough and affordable to communities so that they can disseminate community level information without paying "national" or "regional" prices. RootIO stations are studio-less and instead use telephony and the internet. They are Managed in the cloud further reducing the OPEX requirement

Visit http://rootio.org for some information about RootIO

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