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Transition from Written to Audio Reporting PDF Print E-mail

By John Escolme

A radio is a democratic media based on old and simple technology.  It’s able to reach remote areas where Internet is still a luxury, connecting local and international communities in order to exchange information, provide useful services, learn and to listen to music.

Radio broadcasting is not affected by distance, electricity or ability to read. All that is required is that what one is sharing is understandable.



Points to note when making an audio recording:

  • Get a quiet place, where there will be no interruptions and distracting sounds
  • Eliminate sudden noises such as phone ringing,
  • Use an echo-free area
  • Prepare questions beforehand so the interview is smooth and spontaneous
  • Record sounds that would enhance your interview such as trickling water, chirping birds etc
  • Make a test recording and listen to it beforehand.
  • Phone interviews are useful for short clips, inform the person at the other end that you will be recording the conversation so that care is taken to be articulate.
  • Meet interviewee beforehand
  • And lastly have fun because this will come through in the recording.
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