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Weekly Discussions Roundup 29th June - 3st July. 2015 PDF Print E-mail

1. Electronic Ticketing Initiated by Gilbert Busuulwa

Organising a dinner for the She Cranes at Sheraton, and  wish to be advised on use of electronic ticketing.


We have ever used http://easyticket.co.ug/ The e-ticketing service. Contact them on 0776 951971 



Conclusion/ Remarks

Bebe Cool has ever used it and would advice on; did it work?, was it worth it? were some potential attendees intimidated into not showing up?


There is a Payway ad having QR codes and e-Tickets,  providing electronic verification of tickets sold. I have not used it, and am yet to hear any success stories .

2. Lost phone Initiated by Ali Balunya

Can anyone advise me how best I can recover my lost mobile phone?





Conclusion/ Remarks

Find My iPhone is great, but if it's off, or on without any network access, you'd be hard-pressed to find it.


UCERT might be able to help.

3. Improving the web experience using faceted search Initiated by Cavin Mugarura

It's  frustrating visiting  a website and spending hours searching for data with little success. Faceted search improves the web experience.


Contao provides something similar.


Solr now has a number of libraries that can make it better.



Conclusion/ Remarks

Has anyone ever tried to search the New Vision website for a story appearing on their hard copy? Impossible !  Maybe that's what they need.

4. MTN 1App Review Initiated by Albert Mucunguzi

To save users the headache of memorising different codes for  services, MTN has announced  the Android-based MTN Assistant which centralized most of it’s most popular services onto one dashboard.



To clients who need the service this app should be used without having to buy a data bundle.

Conclusion/ Remarks

What's the security protocol at the back-end ? Does it use HTTPS and SSL connection, is the app digitally signed, is the data on the phone encrypted?


5.  Tough new rules force all Internet users to list their gadgets Initiated by Alex Kisakye

I hope the Kenyan government realises that this is not the best way to fight cybercrime and or terrorism.





Conclusion/ Remarks

Desperate times call for desperate measures.
What solutions would you suggest, given the terror unleashed there in the recent past?


These guys are always SMART with plan B.


Which one of us can open a bank account without giving identity details? Or buy an insurance policy? Or a driving licence?






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