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Home Weekly Discussion Roundup Weekly Discussion Roundup 20th-26th July, 2015.
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1. Shopping on Jumia.ug Initiated by Douglas A. Musunga

What was your experience…?


“I suppose we can then appreciate that in our very Ugandan way, Jumia is doing their very best… However for the likes of me and my ordinary folk it may solve some of our problems since we have no credit card and appreciate the effort they are putting in.”


“…they [Jumia] put things at a very low price when you order for it. They will never deliver it to you… even if you call them they will say we shall get back to you until you wait and get tired and abandon the product.”


“Not all products advertised are available; some are purchased and delivered when you make an order, which is why there is a delay.”


“The product also took a while to be delivered. It was more than 7 working days…”


“I have not seen any complaints on Facebook, which is odd, maybe the complaints are deleted.”


Conclusion/ Remarks

“Try Amazon.com Be prepared to pay extra for freight charges from where ever the product is manufactured.”


“…if you want faster results, at the point of purchase you see the name and contacts of supplier to Jumia, if you take note of that, you can contact supplier directly if you have concerns.”


“Before we make any judgement we should first consider the supporting infrastructure and services that support e-commerce biz i.e. the entire value chain from manufacturing (remind me, what do we manufacture in Uganda) to the hands of the customer…”


“I have bought from Kaymu several times, experiences ranging from delivery within the hour and delivery not happening.”



2. Freelancer.com website enquiry. Initiated by Dan Nviri

What was your experience…?


“If you are enquiring about credibility, freelancer has pretty good reviews and straight forward payment procedures.”




Conclusion/ Remarks

“I have used a couple of guys from freelancer.com. Job got done.”


“I would recommend using Elance…


The views, opinions and assumptions expressed in this document are those of the dgroup members and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of I-Network.

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