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1. Bandwidth Monitoring tool Initiated by Arthur Lwanga

Monitoring Internet bandwidth that doesn't go beyond a certain speed. Is there any such tool ?


Get a Mikrotik Router or install Mikrotik OS on any of your choice platform (linux, Mac or Windows).




Conclusion/ Remarks

Try cyberoam [Response: Where can one get a cyberoam device here in Kampala?  Response: Contact KAZINGA CHANNEL, the CYBEROAM resellers in Uganda or Lotus Technologies This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or  MUYOMBA BERNARD of STANDARD ICT.

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

0783507663 ]

2. Cyber Crime in Uganda Initiated by James Wire

Setting up a chronological listing of Cybercrimes that have been carried out in Uganda or on Ugandans from anywhere in the world





Conclusion/ Remarks


"fraud site:newvision.co.ug"


"fraud site:monitor.co.ug"

3. MTN Uganda launches countrywide 4G/LTE coverage Initiated by Jeddy Gerald Genrwot

MTN Uganda has today launched countrywide 4G coverage in Uganda, extending the latest broadband technology to all major towns.





As you think of major towns to upgrade from 3G to 4G. Why don’t you think of other areas to distribute at least 3G. Such that MTN can cover all parts of Uganda?


Conclusion/ Remarks


4. Epson EB-1860 Projector Remote Initiated by Timothy Sempewo Emadi

Anyone in possession of a remote that can operate an Epson EB-1860 projector kindly inbox.


Logitech Harmony has that projector in its database, so all Logitech Harmony universal remotes will be able to control your projector.


You can also find replacement remotes on eBay:






Conclusion/ Remarks

You may want to give Master Electronics a visit, they normally have Universal Remotes. Shop is on the Equatorial Shopping Complex, Opposite Watoto Church Central.



5. I CDL Tutor Initiated by Margaret Sevume

A tutor for International Computer Drivers License (ICDL) should contact me off-list for some work.





Conclusion/ Remarks

Robert Tumusiime This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it is a certified ICDL tutor.


Mr. Michael Niyitegaka is a certified ICDL trainer in Uganda

6. Microsoft Nav Training by Herbert Ndugwa

Are there any accredited Microsoft Dynamics Nav Training centers in Uganda?





Conclusion/ Remarks

Try Techno Brain along Entebbe Rd.[Mob:  0704326688.]

7. Tracking a stolen laptop Initiated by Daniel Ninsiima

My laptop and modem were stolen. I had not recorded modem’s  (IMEI) or the simcard number and all attempts to get these details from MTN using the serial number  have hit a dead end. Can anyone help?





Conclusion/ Remarks

  1. If you still have the starter pack that contained the SIM, you can check for the IMSI. The telecom can retrieve your MSISDN (phone number) based on the IMSI.
  2. Once you have the MSISDN, you can ask for your data usage records (detailed). These should contain the IMEI of the modem.
  3. If you registered your SIM with MTN, you should be able to make an inquiry about the same. Surely, there should be a way of checking all MSISDNs registered under your profile.

Good luck.

8. I want to learn how to create digital learning materials Initiated by Alex Muwonge

I am looking for a place, institution, where to get training in developing learner engaging, multimedia, teaching and learning materials.





Conclusion/ Remarks

Depends the kind of teaching materials you want to create.

1. Do you have the content you want to share for others to learn from?

2. If so, select a means of sharing that information.

3. For screen capture training you can consider: https://www.techsmith.com/camtasia.html

4. Or you may capture video that demonstrates what you want to teach and share on youtube / DVD.

9. jumia.ug Initiated by Douglas A. Musunga

Has anyone here shopped on Jumia.ug? If so what was your experience and would you recommend the service to someone else?




Those people have a problem, they put things at a very low price but when you order them, they never deliver.


I did, I got a tablet I wanted delivered to the office in Kampala same day. However screen was faulty. They came, picked it but took 3 weeks to return it and accessories were missing. Got them after six weeks.


I wouldn't recommend. You  order, they start running around , eventually give you higher prices than what was on site.


Conclusion/ Remarks

Try Amazon.com
Be prepared to pay extra for freight charges


Online stores are an interesting animal, reports indicate that Amazon is set to open a physical store in NY.


I thought i would try out a local product and see if they will deliver, since i only pay on delivery.


Jumia is just a platform for trade. They are brokers between the buyer and seller. If you want faster results contact supplier directly. On the page, one should be able to see the name of supplier.


With no credit card, Jumia solves a buyer’s problem. Can any one of us help them improve instead of just complaining?  [Response: they should also style up. Response : we should first consider  the infrastructure and services that support e-commerce business in Uganda]




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