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Home Weekly Discussion Roundup Weekly Discussion Roundup 21st Sept – 3rd Oct 2015
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1. Is www.ura.go.ug using demo code? Initiated by Fred Kiapi

Visited www.ura.go.ug only to be greeted with a stern warning message of trial ending soon.




It's running an outdated nginx version, and they are several ssl vulnerabilities which makes it prone to man in the middle attacks, certain defaults are still in place, such as the sample directory, iissamples


Looks like they have disabled the http://ura.go.ug for now.

Any techies to confirm?? This would be mean almost 80% visitors don't get to the real website, as most people usually just go for www.anything... which defaults to http, they don't know about https...

Conclusion/ Remarks

The site actually is redirecting to http://www.updatewindow.xyz.


I think URA should suspend all online activities on its site until this is sorted, or simply put the domain down -  otherwise there might be the risk of information theft.


The issue happens with the non-https version i.e. http://www.ura.go.ug. https://www.ura.go.ug is OK. Perhaps someone forgot to redirect http requests to https.


2. 3G/4G Wi-Fi Router with outdoor antenna Initiated by Joseph Odhiambo

Colleagues does any one has any idea where i can purchase a 3G WiFi Router with an outdoor mini/Directional Antenna.




I don’t know why MTN takes long

to cover areas like Kasambya with at least 3G!


Appeal to parliament or the president himself. [Response: MTN / Airtel have to improve on their network coverage for people to do business here in Kasambya. Response: The reason why MTN, Airtel do not provide 3G in Kasambya is probably because there is not enough business to justify the huge initial capital outlay.]

Conclusion/ Remarks

Buy the MTN 32 user router, it has an outdoor CPE, it’s only 285,000/ . The 285,000/ is actually for 30Gb of data...the router is free. [Response: the router in question is installed only in specific areas which are under 4G coverage]


Is it true that the indoor routers are out of stock?

3. Network file protection software. Initiated by Stephen Kasoma

Would like to get pointers to a Windows based (Server 2012 environment) network file protections software.




Conclusion/ Remarks

Run owncloud on your windows server.


Try McAfee Data Line Protection ( DLP ).

Only challenge, it's part of their ePolicy Orchestrator suit. Its not standalone.



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