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Home Weekly Discussion Roundup Weekly Discussion Roundup 5th-11th October, 2015.
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1. UCC's QoS Reports Initiated by Albert Mucunguzi

Does someone know how I can access such reports?


“Just noticed the latest Telecom QoS report on UCC's website is from June 2014.”



“Gate-keeping... Now who is editing the flow of information?”

Conclusion/ Remarks

“The person who answered the phone asked me to apply to the ED's office through the Legal Department in order to get access to the latest industry reports!”


“That document is supposed to be public, because it will explain to the users of services why they get the kind of services they get in communications sector.”


2. MTN announced the 2015 Innovation Awards Initiated by Albert Mucunguzi

Details on the website…


“MTN Innovation Awards, a platform through which MTN and its partners will recognize locally developed outstanding mobile and desktop solutions as well as outstanding individuals and organizations that are enabling innovation in the country.”






Conclusion/ Remarks

“Unlike at the App Challenge where MTN invited Innovators to create new solutions, with the Innovation Awards, MTN is looking for innovative solutions that have been in the market for over a year and have had measurable impact.


The deadline is October 22nd and applications are applications can be submitted online.”

3. Cyber Criminal or Cyber Bully? Initiated by James Wire

News article…





“We receive about four con emails daily. Your inbox is full, invitation for a conference in USA, jobs abroad, won the lottery where we didn't participate... the emails are highly innovative!”


“We have so many areas of vulnerabilities in our computer systems.


We are always so excited by a new computer gadget we buy it use but take no steps to perform simple operations like formatting the drives, assessing the firmware and the like”


Conclusion/ Remarks

“The English used [in the emails] though is a giveaway if one cared to scrutinise the message.


Yes. We have to be security conscious and desist from trying to reap from where we didn't sow.”

4. I&M Bank suspends online card transactions Initiated by Elisha Wasukira

Article on the pitfalls of eCommerce payments.


“My UBA card has for long had a "Verified by Visa" pin feature. When you make transaction it requires you to enter password, so if someone stole / copied your card they wouldn't successfully transact.


I've seen communication from Barclays about a new card that I believe has the same functionality.


Stanbic on the other hand, by default disables the online transaction feature so you call in and request for it to be enabled for specific time. You're asked a few questions to verify you're the owner then it’s on.”



“The fact that one only needs a [VISA] card number, expiry date and cvv2 to make an online transaction is a lot of risk to the bank and its customers.


The fact that some web merchants even store customer's card details is just plain wrong!”


“Though calling the bank to enable online transaction seems safer, it's not the best. It's inconveniencing to keep calling a bank every time I want to transact.”

Conclusion/ Remarks

“Until they have a secure way of conducting online transactions the exposure to fraud is just too great.


If they can beef up the above fields [expiry date and cvv2] with two or one of these it will greatly increase the security.

  • Use of a One Time Password that has to be sent to the card holder's phone.
  • If necessary, use of a card pin.

With the above two additions someone will have to steal your card + phone + pin to carry out a transaction online.”


“It seems I & M bank is taking the same [UBA, Barclays, Stanbic] approach. I think the article title is a bit misleading.”


“These are just the growing pains of an infant economy.”


“Banks don't normally report thefts because its bad PR.


Mobile Money is the clear winner in all this if only they can get their online payments act together.”



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