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1. Anti-app downloader Initiated by Gilbert Busuulwa

I'm requesting your assistance on the effective android app/software that can stop "free flow of downloads.





Conclusion/ Remarks

Try Opera Max. You will need to block the applications that you do not want to access your MBs.


Open Play Store.

Go to Settings

Click on Auto-update Apps Settings

Select Do not Auto-update Apps.

2. ICT in the Judiciary Initiated by Margaret Sevume

With all these technological innovations, one sharp programmer can design an automated system to reduce red-tape in the judiciary. Did the judiciary consider using ICT in the just concluded (or on-going?) law reforms process?





People are either afraid they will lose their jobs or the avenues through which they get "facilitation".

Even if a brilliant Ugandan mind came up with a proposal, the decision makers would wait for a Chinese or Indian firm to present the proposal because that way they get a piece of the pie.


Established institutions make for poor revolutionaries.

Sad to say, but the judiciary, government institutions,  are not supposed to be at the fore-front of innovation in these areas. [Response: But with new practices institutions would be even more relevant ! All it requires is a very strong will at the top.]


Judiciary would complain of backlog and over-work, rather than how inefficient it is for poor people to report a case and get a hearing.


The ICT solutions we are bound to hear suggested on this list will be resisted.

Conclusion/ Remarks

The challenge is the mindset. How do we get the decision makers to embrace new technology to improve efficiency?


Case backlog problem is as a result of insufficient man power in the form of judges to hear cases


The best approach is for an HR NGO, in

partnership with the Ministry of Justice, to initiate the project, help the Ministry in the development of the application, test, launch and implement with long term support.


3. URA Website Initiated by  Brian

Hope this finds you well. I was wondering whether any one of you is having trouble getting onto the URA website since end of last week? I wonder if we have any URA I.T on this list to shed more light on the matter....




The remote service encrypts traffic using an old deprecated protocol ssl 2.0, BREACH, Poodle, XSS and MITM (Man in the Middle Attack) vulnerabilities are present.


Our companies get contracts from the likes of URA with much eagerness, because they

think "Hey, they run the taxes! They must be credible and able to pay." Then they end up having to deface the site to get paid.

Conclusion/ Remarks

Am able to access the site, however i first have to google it. [Response: just type the URL https://ura.go.ug or https://www.ura.go.ug in the address bar of your browser]


I was working with the assumption that ura.go.ug is willing to spend enough on pursuing both uptime and responsiveness for something better

than the current system (and for which a system update is run often enough). Filling Caesar's purse should be important enough and lucrative enough

to be able to entice sufficient skill and competence, especially given

the expressed unconcern about local implementation.

4. ISP Security - Are you safe? Initiated By Felix

Our organization recently carried out an internal security audit. We were dumbfounded to discover that our weakest link was our ISP.




If the attacker can configure your router then this can’t be an ISP issue.

Conclusion/ Remarks

Who does the router belong to? Your organization or your ISP?


What you've just done is vulnerability to your Organization's information security

You cant just share such information on this platform. If you happen to have a public ip address scan for all open port over internet

confirm if port 53 is not open, if u're using Cisco router disable telnet as it uses plain text, instead enable ssh on your router.




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