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Home Weekly Discussion Roundup Weekly Discussion Roundup 19th-25th October, 2015.
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1. Anti-app downloader Initiated by Gilbert Busuulwa

How to stop automatic app upgrades.





“Apps keep on downloading itself all the time.”

Conclusion/ Remarks

“Open Play Store.

Go to Settings

Click on Auto-update Apps Settings

Select Do not Auto-update Apps.”


2. Government BPO Incubation centre Initiated by Mr Badru Ntege

Give feedback on any BPO issue.


“The government has over the last few years put money in the budget to support an incubation centre currently located at statistics house.”


“Please note that the incubation centre is funded by your taxes and was initially designed to incubate start-ups that would then exit to make space for other companies that way we would create a multiplier effect which would contribute to job creation.”





“… not many local companies seem to have benefitted from this location. The vexed issue of incubating what one would class as a multi-million dollar international company has also been mentioned by a number of you. The question of Number of jobs created is also an issue.”


“…..shows that there are major problems and smaller companies are being denied opportunity to grow. We may need further explanation from NITA-U.”


“I've encountered some people who ask "what is BPO", even if that's already being renamed to "BPI" in some circles.


The other challenge is drawing the distinction between BPO and ICT as a whole, and which of these sectors (assuming they're separate) the government should be focusing on.”


Conclusion/ Remarks

“I ask that we share our views in an open and considerate way focused on getting to a mutually beneficial outcome.”


“……circumstances have changed between 2008 when Badru's PIRT working group was formed and 2015, 7 years later.


Indeed, after 7 years, if something hasn't been able to deliver results, it probably needs to be abandoned or changed completely. ”

3. ATM Fraud in Uganda Initiated by James Wire

Bank clients beware…… (article)





“…for as low as US$ 200 you can buy an ATM skimmer on the internet.

Using a regular WiFi enabled laptop, all you need is to identify ATMs that aren't tightly monitored and you're good to go.…”

Conclusion/ Remarks

“Until our banks wake up to the reality of this emerging that we're bound to lose money.”


“Bank of Uganda should organise awareness campaigns rather than individual banks.”


4. Apple Dealers in Uganda Initiated by Fred Bbaale

Where can one find their products?





“I walked into your Acacia mall shop to buy a wireless mouse, which is about $83 from the Apple Store ($79 + 5% sales tax), and the price in your shop is $200. I am not one to complain about markup to pay for rent, but that is 240% markup on the regular retail price is special.

Conclusion/ Remarks

“Apple guys banange, just accept your stuff is always extremely costly.”


“………but the calculations you have made haven’t considered that there’re aspects of business. Like you haven’t talked about the cost of shipping to landlocked countries, various taxes, import costs and the operational costs. I am sure this will break down that you call the 2X cost.”


“……..Apple products are actually not that great, and in many cases are outright crappy. However, compared to the second-best alternative, they look like the only ones whose makers try at all.”


“So the issue is knowing how much you are willing to spend and look for who will give you the service at that cost as there are many mac - apple service providers now available in market. It’s no longer a monopoly.”



The views, opinions and assumptions expressed in this document are those of the dgroup members and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of I-Network.

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