I-Network is an ICT for development (ICT4D) organization that is mainly supported by the International Institute for Communication and Development (IICD).

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The Education node (previously Junior Node) is one of the Special Interest Groups within I-Network focusing on youth and teachers. The Node aims at providing ICT (Information and Communication Technology) Information and hands on computer skills for development in the education sector.


This was among the first Nodes to be formed in a bid to develop ICT skills and knowledge of the youth and teachers with a view that they would learn to appreciate how ICTs can facilitate various development plans. The youth are targeted because they are the future and through them continuity is assured. The major activities of this node are ICT holiday camps, teachers training workshops, schools debates, online discussions and Internship programs for IT students.

Holiday Camp and Schools Debate

At the holiday camp  students are selected from the four different regions of uganda and there are North, Central, East and West. a total of 60 students are invited with consideration of the male and female ratio. the camps have been held at St. Henrys Kitovu and Kalangala district for the passed four years.students then camp for one week and are taught basic ICT4Development skills. at the camp teachers can also participate by volunteering to make presentations.

The schools debate on the other hand is a days event where students from different schools mainly within kampala and its outcasts come together to debate about ICT topics that affect their development such as the just concluded debate on the Millenium Development Goals.

Teachers Training Workshop and Online Discussions

The teachers training workshop is also carried out with the same objectives as the camp only this time it focuses on teachers and is usually for not more than three days of intensive training. the training is usualy carried out with our partner organisations such as UMU , EACOSS and UICT .

The online discussion group commonly known as dgroups is a platform where teachers and students can interract online and discuss ICT issues and other educational issues. form more information please contact the dgroups administrator on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Education Node camp 2006


Education Node Camp 2007

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