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What 4G LTE is All About PDF Print E-mail

By Musatafa Ziraba, Nation Media.

If you didn’t know, there was a time when you had to pay for internet by the minute. You needed a hard connection to the Internet Service Provider. My personal experience then, was with UTL and Infocom.

Using the traditional landline, you had to dial in to Infocom servers using a modem, which was literally a phone call. The longer you stayed on, the higher your phone bill shot up. After several fights with my father regarding the ever increasing phone bill, and the dollar charges by Infocom, the whole setup was seen as a nuisance and was finally ditched. Flash forward to today, internet has never been so cheap, all mass market providers are offering compelling pricing and access has never been easier and cheaper.

What is 4G LTE
All the existing mobile networks use 3G technology, which is almost 10 years old and struggling to cope with the needs of today’s data hungry users. Well, guess what, MTN Uganda beat the competition to the punch with their launch of 4G LTE. Just what is “4G” anyway? It’s one G higher than 3G, sure, but does that necessarily mean it is better? Read more...

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