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Dgroup Weekly Roundup:11th - 17th February, 2013 PDF Print E-mail

1. SIM card Registration. Initiated by Albert Mucunguzi

The deadline for registering all SIM cards in the country is on the 28th February 2013.


  • It is believed that this law by Act of Parliament will curb crime, promote user accountability, national security, and social order and enforce existing legislation.
  • SIM cards that are inactive for 3 months are deactivated but could be reactivated because the details are still available in the database.
  • Enough time has been given for registration; more time will not improve the situation.


  • Some users could not get verification for their registered SIM cards, getting errors like “not registered”, and “pending verification” Incomplete registration.
  • Why carry out separate bio-data registrations by each network for the same person?
  • If we had a central registration database system, there would be no need for future bio-data capture of anything: like voter register, national ID etc.
  • Insufficient registration period, more sensitisation needed especially upcountry.
  • Privacy concerns, how safe are users’ bio-data?
  • Presenting the NSSF ID is not acceptable identification for SIM card identification.

Conclusion/ Remarks

  • There should be a way to correct wrongly captured bio-data.
  • Verification can be done by typing *197# for all networks.
  • Avoid registering  from a temporary outlet (e.g. tents) as it will be impossible to contact them again in case there is a problem.
  • Like it or not registration must be done.
  • Eric Mulindwa helped those who had trouble registering on the UTL network.
  • UCC should have made the forms/data required uniform.

2. URA online services. Initiated by Caleb Rukundo

URA’s online services are very slow


  • URA has progressed from a manual to an online service delivery, to ease processes and improve efficiency.


  • Need to sort out their infrastructure and build capacity to speed up the process.

Conclusion/ Remarks

  • For attention or feedback find URA on Facebook and or twitter.
  • URA should Peer at the UIXP as KRA does in Kenya, which might give them the bandwidth they need to host the service.

3. Tablets to detect fake permits Initiated by Margaret Sevume

Face Technologies has acquired and equipped the traffic police with the latest Samsung Tablets


  • The tablets will link to the driving permit database and enable traffic enforcement personnel instantly check the validity and authenticity of any driving permit.
  • Details in the database will not be affected even when the tablet lands into the wrong hands because the tablet is just a peer that accesses the server located elsewhere and this is where the database is found.
  • The tablet initiative is the work  of Face Technologies and not the police.


  • Have proper security precautions been put in place?
  • It would have been cheaper and would serve the same purpose to equip officers with smart phones.
  • Is this why there is a rise in the cost of the driving permit from 30,000 to 60,000 and now 120,000?
  • How about those who carry photocopies and or scanned and laminated copies of the permit?
  • What happened to the Number Plate Recognition systems?
  • Was a feasibility study done to determine the suitability of this project as it seems to have been imported from another country?

Conclusion/ Remarks

  • Mr. Green Mugerwa says that with a valid driving permit prominently displayed, an ordinary citizen can know a driver/rider whose permit is fake by typing : “saferoad[space]Motor vehicle/Motor Cycle Registration Number” and sent to 7197, this returns Validity of the Driving Permit, 3rd Party and PSV. This can also be used to report reckless driving like over-speeding etc
  • Students have built an app for android and windows that can serve the same purpose.


The views, opinions and assumptions expressed in this document are those of the dgroup members and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of I-Network.

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