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Dgroup Weekly Roundup: 1st - 7th April, 2013 PDF Print E-mail

1. MTN Charges. Initiated by Nelson Kituuka

Unexplained charges on MTN bill



“There is a mysterious amount of money being charged on two post-paid MTN lines after all other monthly charges have been computed.”

Other MTN subscribers have experienced the same problem.

Conclusion/ Remarks

Lillian Naluwemba from MTN requested for the two post-paid MTN numbers in order to sort out this mishap.

2. Mobile Money. Initiated by David Okwii

What next for mobile money? Integration with International payment networks.


“Mobile Money needs to achieve ubiquity by becoming much easier to use as its potential is only yet to be realized. There are volumes of commerce that can be made more efficient by MM through micropayments, easier interface and integration with other services before even connecting to the international networks.”

“I think there should be a problem with plugging into a mature ecosystem (that has payment aggregators and merchants) than wait for our own to reach maturity level before we think globally!”

“While having access to visa's network is 'cool', I think it misses the opportunities of this revolution. Mobile Money has succeeded in its way without these old world things.”


“I think Africa is still alienated from the wider global ecommerce system primarily due to lack of functional electronic payment system that integrate with global payment networks like Visa.”

“The telcos who are the gatekeepers want to own the whole user-experience instead of providing platforms and are holding back the innovation potential (though not everybody thinks so).”

“People have lots of ideas on what they can use MM for but are facing challenges forming partnerships with MM service providers; these payments processing companies offer another avenue for such people.”

Conclusion/ Remarks

“That the really interesting next step would be micro loans via MM. Because the data exists. The networks know their customers patterns well. A few clever people could do interesting things with that data, enabling even peer-to-peer loans.”

“There is an opportunity for Mobile Money to provide financial inclusions (savings) for the unbanked even in urban centres, channels for service providers like insurance, health and education packages for the average Ugandan.”


The views, opinions and assumptions expressed in this document are those of the dgroup members and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of I-Network.

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