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By Natalie Kimbugwe, April 10, 2006
I-Network Uganda (Information Network) which is supported by the International Institute for Communication and Development (IICD) has partnered with DENIVA (Development Network of Indigenous Voluntary Associations) also based in Uganda to carry out ICT4D (Information and Communication Technologies for Development) Knowledge sharing workshops in the rural regions or for the rural communities in five different Districts namely: - Kabale in the West, Kampala Central, Apac in the North, Mbale in the East and Kalangala on the Ssese Islands.
I-NETWORK is an ICT (Information and Communications Technology) organisation whose core objective is to catalyze equitable socio-economic development through sharing knowledge and experiences, membership management, lobbying and advocacy. This is done through Knowledge Sharing Forums such as seminars and workshops in both rural and urban settings.

DENIVA is a Network of Non-Governmental and Community Based Organisations (NGO’s/CBO’s) providing a platform for collective action and voice to voluntary local associations to strongly advocate for the creation of more opportunities for people and NGO participation in the development of Uganda.

Seeing that the two organisations have a common link they have joined hands to implement the ICT rural workshops with one so far accomplished in Kabale. The workshops aim at disseminating ICT information to the rural communities by encouraging ICT use for Rural Development, Building human capacity through ICTs and reaching out to the disadvantaged and yet needy groups. The workshops have a maximum target of 30 participants in each region from all sectors i.e. Public, Private and Civil Society. However 1st priority is to DENIVA members and I-Network members mainly those in the Projects Node and District Net projects.

I-Network Expertise Team which was set up in January this year played a key role in developing content and disseminating it for the just concluded workshop in Kabale together with the I-Network Program Manager and the ICT Advisor for DENIVA and they will continue to play this role in the forthcoming workshops thought the year. The Expertise Team also used this platform to market their activities and get acquainted to the rural projects supported by IICD / I-Network and DENIVA.

Partnerships of this nature will become the norm for I-Network as it looks towards sustainability and growth more so strengthening the network in all angels. For more information of these organisations and for future updates on the workshops please visit www.i-network.or.ug and www.deniva.or.ug
Acknowledgement goes to DENIVA which is providing financial support
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