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Dgroup Weekly Roundup: 15th - 21st April, 2013 PDF Print E-mail

1. Data Centre. Initiated by Raymond Matovu

The existence of Uganda’s national Data centre?


Uganda does have a National Data Centre.

“NITA-U has built a National Data centre as part of its efforts to rationalise the use of ICTs in Government. It discourages multiple data centres as they consume energy and have duplicates.”


“Access to the data centre and knowledge of its location is limited for security reasons.”

“We presently don't have a Data Protection Act in Uganda. However, the ministry of ICT has commenced the development of one recently and a bill should be out in the next financial year.”

Conclusion/ Remarks

“What services are available, what capacity does it have, can the general public use it or is it only open to government and parastatals? How much did it cost to build, and to maintain – since we most definitely pay for it? Who funds any of its activities etc.?”

2. Short Code. Initiated by Julius K. Mugenyi

How to stop receiving unsolicited text messages.


“To stop SPAM from Airtel Uganda, the most convenient code to use is END and send it to 122 free of charge. They normally deactivate permanently in a period of 72 hours.”


“I sent STOP to your code-8198 and I in turn received a message that I would no longer receive SMS Media alerts but to my surprise, I’m still receiving messages.”

“Why in the first place would SMS Media subscribe my mobile number without my consent?”

Conclusion/ Remarks

Please note that if the SMS procedure (SMS STOP to 8198) fails to work out for you for whatever reason, use the following options: -

Send an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Visit http://www.facebook.com/SMSMediaUgandaServicePage

and log your comment or query.

Follow SMS Media on twitter @SMSMediaUganda and send a DM.

Dial +256 312 261 168 and talk to a company rep.

You can also use the above channels if you wish to inquire about SMS Media's products and services.

“We (SMS Media) do not subscribe mobile phone users without their consent. There were instances in the past where certain mobile phone subscribers got put onto lists through a process that did not involve an opt-in verification option.”

3. Support for Xp. Initiated by Thomas Kizito

What will happen when support for XP ends?


“Without burying our heads in the ground, Xp is among the most popular if not the second most used Operating system in the world after Win 7.”


“Come 18th April 2014 Microsoft ends official support for Xp.”

Conclusion/ Remarks

“Those still stuck with XP will slowly realize that they are clinging to an obsolete system and then move on. It might take them a few years though.”

“With the majority of Xp installations being pirated, rest assured the users were receiving no support from MS anyway.”

“It is better you move with change because, most of the new innovations come with better GUI, services and functionality.”

4. Malaria App. Initiated by Albert Mucunguzi

Makerere University Student Wins 2013 Microsoft Uganda Imagine Cup.


“The app uses red light absorption rates and the distortions of red blood cell structure due to malaria to detect malaria without pricking the patient.”

“An image of the red blood cells is taken without removing your blood...”


Conclusion/ Remarks

“You will get more details soon. However, it’s an interesting innovation.”

5. URA Car Registration. Initiated by Phiona N. Wall

Registration failures.



“I’m trying to register as a new owner of my car on the URA portal but failing at the point where you have to put in vehicle registration number. I have all the other information. But when i enter the number they say i am not authorized to enter it.”

Conclusion/ Remarks

“The previous car owner has to initiate the transfer.”

“We did not need to contact the first owner and we were successful as long as your name is in the log book. Go through all fields carefully and making sure the NO/YES fields are well attended to. Remember no spaces in between numbers and letters in the plates (eg. should be UAQ123b not UAQ 123b).”

How else can URA car registration be done to cater for the semi-illiterate?


The views, opinions and assumptions expressed in this document are those of the dgroup members and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of I-Network.

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