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1. Cyber Crime. Initiated by Margaret Sevume

How can the ICT community raise awareness of vulnerable groups?


Mr Green Mugerwa started a project targeting school going children.

Police have a cyber-crime division and could spearhead the effort, joined by other government bodies; URA, UCC, NITAU.

UCC is partnering with NITA to establish a national computer emergency response team CERT; its mandate is to raise awareness as well.

CERT shall work with other stake holders in carrying out its activities through public private partnerships.


Con men use the same tricks; it is just the mediums (phone, email, website...) that keep changing. People need to learn that there is no free money or riches and to get rich is to go out and break a sweat. Be suspicious of anything promising otherwise.

The challenge with government is that sometimes they tend to take too long to make a simple decision.

People shouldn’t disclose private information on social media.

Not many people understand fraud or scamming.

Conclusion/ Remarks

I-Network should develop a project on awareness.

The biggest problem is that the most targeted are the most hard to reach!

It all boils down to personal security, the same way you don’t accepts lifts and gifts from strangers is the same mantra we should use online.

What is police’s budget on ICT?

Regulations, law and policing will only assist reduce or convict, but it certainly will not help educate.

So which agency in Uganda is responsible for protecting government communications and information systems?

2. Reliable web hosting. Initiated by Victoria Karamagi

Any recommendations for a reliable local web hosting company; with a reliable technical team?


This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

MTN Uganda.

www.afriregister.co.ke, for all African ccTLDS

www.elmot.ug for corporate hosting needs even small ones


www.jolis.net (+256-752-567-374 – Joseph Abdi)

www.hostjaja.com (+256-312-112-227/+256-777-786-015 – John Paul Ssemyalo)

www.imaginet.co.ug (+256-773-102-176- Wensi Nuwagaba)



Conclusion/ Remarks

3.  Facebook Hacked Initiated by Daniel Ejalu

Locked out of my facebook account by somebody who is trying to extort money from my friends through the account.



Conclusion/ Remarks

Let one of your friends write on your wall that you have been hacked. Then contact Facebook to help with the situation.

4. Why is Sourceforge.net off? Initiated by Ivan Mugabi

Does anyone know why sourceforge.net is off?


It is accessible. Ping www.sourceforge.net

Use this next time: http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/


Warid data seems to have that problem more frequently than other data service providers.

Conclusion/ Remarks

Try changing your DNS Settings to use the Public Google DNS Servers which are:-



5. Invitation to Join the ICT Association (ICTAU) Initiated by Albert Mucunguzi

Invites you to join the ICT Association of Uganda (ICTAU) whose official launch is set for next week on 16th May, 2013


Seeks to become largest forum for ICT practitioners, managers, entrepreneurs, researchers and policy makers.

To share knowledge and experience on development informatics in Uganda by working with various stakeholders to be able to improve standards in the country.


Conclusion/ Remarks

6. Umeme ebill Initiated by Kirunda Magoola

You can now receive your Umeme bill via email.


Tried it for the past month and it works.


Promptly registered and sent a reminder but nothing happened.

Registered, have never received a bill.

Conclusion/ Remarks

It works for both bills and customer complains, request that they give as-of-date bills like National water.

7. Free Online Courses, Anyone? Initiated by Douglas Musunga

Has anyone done a free online course from sites like Edx, Coursera and Udacity?


To be commended, this initiative is revolutionizing education.


Materials are in video form, requires a lot of bandwidth.

Conclusion/ Remarks

It’s true that you need to have some bandwidth on average there are 4-5 videos per week each about 50 MB and it works best to download them instead of just streaming.

8. Intel Classmate clamshell suppliers in Uganda Initiated by Collins Mugume

Need help finding suppliers for the above computers.


David Raymond MAGEZI

Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it / Cell: +256752.389920 or +256713.389920

Contact Redington, at link



Conclusion/ Remarks


The views, opinions and assumptions expressed in this document are those of the dgroup members and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of I-Network.

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