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Dgroup Weekly Roundup 8th-14th July, 2013 PDF Print E-mail

1. Why Uganda Communications Commission is considered a feeble institution. Initiated by Sam Agona

15 reasons/points were noted in this blog.



“You could add content censoring; we have children exposed to pornography, mature/adult content over radio & TV broadcasting, internet as well as billboard advertising...”

“You see, UCC won’t mind those videos, I have watched a few dirty videos mainly on WBS, and they do not care. They would do something palpable if they were political talk shows...”

Conclusion/ Remarks

“You have done justice to operations UCC.”

“A good technical reading. Talk about number portability, may be URA should come in and introduce tax on additional SIMs owned by individuals.”

2. Orange internet very slow. Initiated by Gyln Tuner



“I wonder if other users of unlimited internet have found Orange to be very slow now.  I heard they are significantly capping speeds for the unlimited users but not those paying per gig.”

“I am on the so called Orange Internet Everywhere and the modem can’t hold for more than a few minutes at a time. It’s almost useless when surfing.”

Conclusion/ Remarks

“I wonder if Orange could cap those 'serial downloaders' and not restrict those who are fair users?”

“Perhaps it’s time to check out other providers.”

“All telecoms are faced with challenges at one point in time, could be that they are having issues which they are trying to resolve, what i would suggest is that you get hold of them to let you know when this issue will be resolved.”

“…the unlimited offer means unlimited bundles in other words you can download as much as you can without your bundle expiring but there is a cap on the speed (your download will take longer), this is not only unique for Orange but Airtel does the same. MTN doesn't have the unlimited offer at all. This speed cap is to make sure you don't consume all the resources on the 3G site alone and lock out your neighbours.

The alternative option is having a limited bundle (paying per MB or GB) and have unlimited access to bandwidth and other resources on your 3G site, which is the option majority of customers choose.

It’s a trade-off!”

“Orange decided to cap unlimited speeds without giving those particular subscribers an alternative. What irks me however is I’m still paying the same amount yet the speeds have been cut.”

“...have unlimited access to bandwidth… should be emphasized with the aspect of mobile broadband being a 'best effort' service (no guaranteed speeds).”

“Slow speeds depend on a number of factors:

  • Health of your computer (viruses), RAM, processor speed etc.
  • Allowed download speed from the site you are  accessing
  • Technology used i.e. GPRS, EDGE, WiMAX, LTE etc.
  • Package subscribed to.
  • Signal quality.
  • DNS paying.
  • To mention but a few…”

3. Theft of ICT Equipment. Initiated by David Hamya

The increase rate of fibre optic cables theft.



“Yesterday (8th July, 2013) my ISP MTN told me that our fixed lines are off because equipment at their substation was stolen along Mawanda road. We have not received/made any calls on my fixed lines since Monday.”

“Not so long ago i was also told a fibre optic cable belonging to one telecom had been stolen along acacia Avenue and there was severe interruption in service to the users for several.”

Conclusion/ Remarks

“The ordinary thieves by now already know these (fibre optic) cables have no market in Kisseka or Kukuubo and it’s not worth the effort.  So I think the thieves you are referring to must be of the type that can differentiate between single mode and multi-mode cables i.e. well trained technical staff that probably work for the Telecom Solutions.”

“Some of the thefts are for copper where copper cables are in place, I think for starters it needs to be criminalized with a severe jail term (no fines) the same should apply to those who vandalize transformers, Kenya has a strong law and its beginning to bear fruit.”

“I think we need to look at the morals of people, ours first. I can imagine how someone well brought up descends to capital investments meant to enhance his life in a long run and vandalize them!

If people cannot appreciate how much telecoms have helped us, through employment, taxes and mention it, but act stupidly and destroys the same infrastructure”

“Perhaps they (fibre optic cable thieves) are laid-off field techies from other ISPs because of their new posturing/takeovers. Or perhaps Saboteurs paid by new entrants who are digging fibre across town; seeking to create some urgent demand for their services.”

4. UG root server offline. Initiated by Alex Rukundo

Regarding the (MTN) fibre optic cable theft along Mawanda road, Kampala.


There's work-in-progress to course correct the recent fibre optic cable theft along Mawanda road, Kampala.


“The guys running the .UG registry really need to look into have a protected (backup) link to prevent such prolonged outages. Also a public statement from them to the community would have been in order.”

Conclusion/ Remarks

“I understand the .ug battle is about to be restarted with cabinet passing the act for this to be re-delegated. Surely the cctld should have its own block of IP addresses and thus if MTN had issues it would be a case of re-routing.”

“We need the legal framework and alignments of all policies to make any positive steps in this regard otherwise critical infrastructure will remain in a state of disrepair the examples are enormous around us.”

5. Smartphones killing the Compact digital cameras. Initiated by Jeddy Genrwot


“If your phone has an excellent camera why do you need the P&S (portable Point and Shoot digital camera)?”

The Lumia 1020 has a ball bearing supported Optical Image Stabilization technology that lets you take smooth videos even during movement. It also has a rich audio recorder that enables you get the sound you want even in noisy environments as opposed to the P&S.


“Most P&S still don't have Wi-Fi to enable instant sharing save for some new breed of Samsung Android powered Point and shoots, which however costs more than most people would be comfortable paying for.”

“Considering that a good percentage of photos are taken after the sun-down, Low light photo lovers would definitely go for the better darkness prepared Lumia 1020 over the ordinary P&S.”

“Most P&S have memory cards that range from 2-8GB(expandable) while the Lumia 1020 with 32GB inbuilt.”

Conclusion/ Remarks

“With the latest release of the new Nokia Lumia 1020 that features a full 41-Mega Pixel Camera, certainly Compact Digital Cameras are being blurred in the picture-- well slowly.”

“Though, still phone cameras are P&S. Hence, further down the road, these may also be obsolete and replaced by non-point-and-shoot cameras like Google Glass!!”



The views, opinions and assumptions expressed in this document are those of the dgroup members and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of I-Network.


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