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Weekly Discussion Roundup 22nd-28th July, 2013 PDF Print E-mail

1. Website deleted. Initiated by Esther Nakkazi

Whole website deleted after delayed renewal payment to webhost.



“Our website www.hejnu.com was hosted by Bluehost and then we missed renewing subscription by just a month and they deleted everything. We are now going to host locally but cannot get our data.”

“Blue host has a strange policy. Once you default they say they give you 48 hours to renew after which they will delete your data from their servers.”

Conclusion/ Remarks

“If you are looking for text content, you can use archive.org to see you site before it was plugged off.”

“You can copy/past the data out.

Alternatively ask Bluehost if they could help retrieve your data if you renewed your subscription.”

“If you still have access to server, go to FTP OR

If you are blocked, contact service provider to give you alternative port for FTP.”

“You can try to contact their (blue host) support even through their online chat if you are lucky they will get you a backup of the last day before they deleted they send you a link to download.”

2. SIM hacking. Initiated by Ronald Kakuba

Two minute SIM card hack could leave 25% of phones vulnerable to spying



“A two minute SIM card hack could allow an intruder to listen to your phone calls, send text messages from your phone number and make mobile payments from your account. The vulnerability, discovered by a German security researcher, is present in an estimated 750 million SIM cards – around one in four of all SIM cards.”

Conclusion/ Remarks

Full article

3. Government starts monitoring Internet Use. Initiated by Margaret Sevume

Full article


“Monitoring internet use intends to secure the public against cybercrimes as well as increasing national security.”

“Some countries do monitor some of these forums for child abuse and terrorist activities.”


“This involves reading peoples’ chats and email messages.”

“Same as the SIM card registration that was 'automatically' going to 'reduce' crime. There are more calls these days from people telling receivers that they have won such and such amount of money.”

Conclusion/ Remarks

“The government has started monitoring all transactions and conversations conducted over the internet.”

Clarification from NITA-U

“I’m not saying this is not a good Idea, I’m just questioning whether we need it NOW.”

“For crying out loud they have been doing it. This isn’t new.”

“Monitoring the internet will not or is not intended to catch the internet thugs. How will that keep our Government institutional websites from being defaced or spam mails from reaching my inbox or Ugandans losing their online credentials?”



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