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Dear All, Interesting discussion we have here!

Those who have been on the list much longer will remember a similar conversation which, eventually lead us into a public debate on the use of ICTs in the voting / registration process of Uganda, I must say it was a nice one, I wonder what this one would be?

ICTs and English! We are actually planning a public debate on ICTs and Gender I am tempted to think otherwise or merge the two!

You know I always like these discussions that arise out of such simplicity (Daphne I believe is the lady’s name), they make me think of things in totality and from this conversation I have thought about something which I would like to share with you. I know that it’s important to know good English simply because we depend so much on it, for academics, jobs, to communicate effectively in the global world etc. but must it be this way? I really value countries that put their languages first, China, India, France, Italy, Japan, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands (Tanzania, probably being the only African country) etc Many of these are very developed countries or more so have developed communally much better than Uganda for instance, they also make life simpler for themselves by having all other communication applications in their languages i.e. computers and other technical equipment ( I believe many of us like East African TV but probably it should be called Tanzanian TV) , Some very highly placed officials in these countries including presidents do not speak English and they communicate very effectively among their own and satisfactorily effective among others by use of translators when necessary.

I have always had a problem with “Africans??? in particular because we speak in foreign languages and yet think in our mother tongues at the end of the day we can not communicate effectively in either language because we are living between two worlds, there is nothing as bad as communicating in a certain language ineffectively, it becomes offensive to the one who knows it well and probably that’s why Chris is agitated (though I will not pretend to know if the grammar used was correct or not) but my point here is must we know English? Must we be able to speak and write it well? What do we stand to loose if we actually can’t communicate properly in English given that we have put almost nothing in place to cater for our needs in the local languages? And must it be our number one priority? What role does Gender have to play in all this and why the fuss? We talk about Information and communication technologies all the time, how best can we advocate for this to encompass all?

I could go on but I think my point is made, what do you have to say?

Natalie Kimbugwe ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )

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