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Weekly Discussion Roundup 19th-25th August, 2013. PDF Print E-mail

1. Is MTN above the Regulations? Initiated by Gilbert Busuulwa

Unsolicited messages


“Please note that this is being handled from our (MTN) side. Apologies for any inconveniences caused.”

“I received a call from MTN and as usual they gave me the other side of the story.

Nevertheless, me and my partners are privileged to have aired our grievances on a blue forum like I-Network; however, you can imagine what it looks like for my mum at Jinja-Kaloli.

Anyway, apologies accepted our mighty MTN, but the struggle continues.”


“I am soliciting Ugandan who have suffered at the hands of MTN in the name of unsolicited SMS.”

“For more than 8 times, I have been calling MTN and request them to PLEASE STOP SENDING these bogus scripts. They apologetically advised me to unsubscribe with x175x1x1x1# of which I did, but never got the changes”

Conclusion/ Remarks

“How can I unsubscribe where I did not subscribe? This is a breach of rules and getting funds by false pretence.

I am ready to sue on behalf of all Ugandans and the struggle starts today and now.”

“Do what I did: I got hold of my MTN SIM card and threw it in the trash. I have never looked back since then. I called customer care, I complained about my privacy and peace of mind concerns but I guess I didn't value me in spite of the fact that I was a premium customer.

This warning should also go to Airtel for their bogus phone calls and UTL for automatically subscribing their customers to caller tunes without their consent and not providing an option for unsubscribing.”

“Do we have any consumer protection agencies in this country? Something needs to be done.”

“I think the first step should be to lodge a complaint with UCC. EVERYONE with the issue should lodge a complaint; to be sure there is plenty of weight to the issue.”

2. NITA Uganda hosts South Korean IT experts. Initiated by Albert Mucunguzi

For the rest of the article…...


The National Information Technology Authority-Uganda (NITA-U) will host IT experts from South Korea, carrying out a feasibility study to see if the country can implement a Government Integrated Data Center (GIDC), Disaster Recovery Site (DRS) and Shared Services and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).


Conclusion/ Remarks

3. Awakula Ennume Buses. Initiated by Margaret Sevume

Digital technology used to pay bus fares.


“These buses operate on an automated kind of system. Buy a card from 1,000/=

If you are travelling to and from Gayaza :

Buy fare for 2,000 from a conductor who 'loads' it on your card.

Wave your card for the bus to stop as they don't accept people without cards.

Once on the bus, a card reader will be used to check for validity.

For that day, you can board the buses whenever you find them any number of times.

For 10,000 you can use the buses for a whole week.”


Conclusion/ Remarks

“It’s a good innovation and I welcome it. I hope all the buses will be able to travel all the routes of Kampala. This will bring a smile to people’s faces.”

“This is a perfect standard for transportation in the developed countries, they just need to develop bus numbers and defined routes with designated stages and they are good to go.”



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