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Weekly Discussion Roundup 2nd-8th September, 2013. PDF Print E-mail

1. eBay and Amazon purchases Initiated by Godfrey Ssali

Advice on buying and receiving items online from Amazon or eBay


“Make sure to filter by sellers who ship internationally.”

"Or you could use our services www.easypayuganda.com we'll rout it to you even if the seller does not ship internationally."


Conclusion/ Remarks

“I wish to purchase some items in the USA from these sites and have them sent or delivered to me here in Kampala.”

2. List of all telecoms in Uganda. Initiated by Jonathan Omondi

An exhaustive list of all telecom providers in Uganda, small and big.


“UCC website used to have this information in the past. Try checking it”


“I can’t seem to find anything on the UCC website.”

“There is something but it has not been updated in a while; Licensed Providers and Licensed Service providers"

Conclusion/ Remarks

3. Basic crime forensics. Initiated by David Katende.

Police should make public basic crime forensics.


“There is a boy in Lebanon who has an app that alerts members of possible trouble areas. I think gentlemen of this forum should do the same for our now very insecure city.”


“Mind you this Uganda where mafias are hunting mafias, so don't expect such efficiency.”

Conclusion/ Remarks

“Is it too hard for Police to maintain and implement basic crime forensics systems like maintaining a database of pictures of chronic thugs and pictures of exhibits (am not sure if this is what it’s called), crime scenes and fingerprints?”

“And maybe share locations of crime on interactive accessible maps for the public to take caution.”

4. MTN phone directory. Initiated by Julius Kateega

What next for mobile money? Integration with International payment networks.


“MTN Uganda has launched a new service that will enable customers to have quick and convenient access to the contact details of thousands of registered individuals, institutions and businesses in the country literally anytime, everywhere you go.”

“To add your contacts, simply send an email

with your name, physical address, phone number, email address or website to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

“To add your contacts is free.”

“Find the contact you are looking for with the MTN Phone directory.

To find a contact or address, SMS the contact name to 191 and you’ll automatically receive contact details of your search.”

Companies may also submit their contact details.


Conclusion/ Remarks

5. UTL SMS bundle is misleading. Initiated by Jubilee Erisania Amooti

Unexplained charges on MTN bill.


“Our sincere apologies for that error in the broadcast that was sent out yesterday.

Kindly note that the VALIDITY for the SMS bundle is MIDNIGHT on the day of purchase, not 30 days as stated in the message.

Once again, we apologize for all the inconveniences caused.”- UTL Mgt.


“Yesterday on 4:09:2013 time was at 03:28pm, I got a SMS and the sender was UT Mobile.

The SMS goes; ‘save ON and send messages to anyone on any local network at ugX33 each, dial *166*2 and hash to get 15 SMS at UGX 500.SMS bundle valid for 30days.’

I did the what I was told and I got an SMS stating,

‘You have received 15 SMS to any network for 500/= valid for one day.’ And true the SMS sending were not valid for the next day.”

“This is a direct cheating from customers. Why do they change the terms you had communicated to the client?”

“Even if the bundle expires at midnight on the day of purchase, then the confirmation message would still be misleading. If I signed up at 4pm today, and was told the bundle is valid for 1 day, then that should mean the bundle expires at 4pm tomorrow.”

Conclusion/ Remarks


The views, opinions and assumptions expressed in this document are those of the dgroup members and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of I-Network.

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