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Diocese of Jinja Launches ICT Kamuli Health Facilities on 30th September, 2013. PDF Print E-mail

By Patricks Omogi, Diocese of Jinja- Health Office.

Diocese of Jinja with support from Cordaid is implementing Performance Based Financing (PBF) approach in Health facilities in Kamuli District. PBF demands accurate, reliable, and timely submitted data. Therefore in addition to the PBF support, the Diocese of Jinja requested the donors to assist these government health facilities with computers to aid them in data management.

It is on this background that Diocese of Jinja health office decided to officially launch the program to effectively kick start in the said district. A total of ten (10) computers were given out in the presence of the Chair person L.C. V Hon. Salaamu Musumba, Bishop of Diocese of Jinja and the Government chief whip Hon. Minister Justine Kasule Lumumba.

Diocese of Jinja launches Kamuli ICT health facility.

The Chairperson Local Council V of Kamuli Hon. Salaamu Musumba appreciated the effort of the Diocese in ensuring that government health facilities also get the computers. She challenged the Health facilities’ administrators not to be selfish but to allow other health workers to access the computers to enable them get skills that is relevant in the current world.

The chief whip on the other hand commended Diocese of Jinja for augment government’s efforts in ensuring that Ugandans gain ICT skills including health workers. She added “Considering a gradually more ICT receptive environment in Uganda and the world over, it should therefore be applied in different sector of the economy to boost development and make Uganda compete with other neighbouring countries”.

Bishop Charles Martin Wamika motivated the health workers to apply ICT in all activities of the health facilities in order to demonstrate the potency of performance based financing (PBF) as well as its capability to be pioneered in Jinja Diocese in the whole of Uganda. He encouraged health workers and other stakeholders to adopt the new technology and should also aim at covering other health facilities that are not under the project. He commended one of the Diocesan health facility (St. Benedict health centre) which has the computerised system of capturing patients records for having made a step forward in ICT.

In view of the larger ambitions the project should aim at informing a range of stakeholder in Jinja but definitely also at the national level. This step should be supported by the government to ensure that health records are accessed by health workers at the facilities.

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