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1. So Orange Uganda is not the best Initiated by Bob Mutebile

MTN-UGANDA is one of the 2 cellular networks in Uganda with an average 3G download speed of 2.1 Mb/s, better than the global average of 1.8 Mb/s . Orange has a 3G download speed of 1.6 Mb/s which is worse than the global average of 1.8 Mb/s.



What about other networks? If they are not mentioned how can one trust the data given?

Conclusion/ Remarks

Warid is not counted as a mobile network in Uganda due to its inability to provide "mobile networking services"; and when Airtel married it, they de-listed both.

Researchers  could have done some quantitative evaluation based on data available. This suggests that customers on some networks are not using the relevant apps to facilitate evaluation. This is how they collect data


The quality and quantity of Data from crowd sourced initiatives like this is directly proportional to the number of people contributing and the quality of the contribution made.

2. Online payments. Please Advice. Initiated by Douglas Musunga

Looking  for options on how  to receive online payments from credit cards. PayPal is only good for making payments.



Conclusion/ Remarks

There are 3rd party processors that will charge you a fee but do it for you. A Google search of third party credit card processors will give you a list of them and their pros or cons.

Pesapal (Kenyan Developers) will allow you receive Visa, MasterCard and Mobile Money straight to your bank. However, their support is not the best. https://www.pesapal.com

3. Password Protected/Encrypted USB flash disks. Initiated by Emmanuel Sekyewa

Where can I get Password Protected/Encrypted USB flash disks? preferably Transcend (4GB/more).



Conclusion/ Remarks

USB drives are just storage media. If you need

encryption/password protection then you will have to do it at a software

level, either using the OS or an app.

4. Costs that telecoms incur Initiated by Asiimwe

Looking for  information on  cost of maintaining/hiring telecom towers. Also how much telecoms incur for on-net calls together with a consultant in the telecom sector that could be quoted in  an article on the costs of this sector.



Conclusion/ Remarks

You should try to contact Eaton Towers, which runs towers for Orange, Warid and MTN.

On-net off-net call costs: UCC usually has these figures. They differ from operator to operator.

Telecom consultant? There are not many, but there is a Dr. F.F. Tusuubira, formerly director of Makerere based [DICTS] Directorate for Information Communication Technology Support. Plus Erostus Nsubuga and Aloysius Ssemmanda, both formerly of Celtel.

By towers do you mean the visible towers or are you also considering both front end(Towers/Masts) and back end system costs like financing cost e.g repayment of loans, advertising costs, intellectual property costs like right to use software , human resource etc?

5. Internet Service Providers Initiated by Ronald Kato

Requesting for a list of all the Licensed Internet Service Providers in Uganda.


1. One2 Net

2. Datanet.com

3. Afsat Communications (U) Limited

4. Infocom

5. Kampala Siti cable

6. Latest Technology

7. Kanodiko Systems Ltd

8. Bushnet Limited

9. Africa On Line

10. Smile communications Ltd


Conclusion/ Remarks

1.Broad band -contact

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

2.Broad band -contact

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

3.Sysnet -contact

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Roke Telkom, One Solutions.

UCC could have a list but some licencees have not gone live and some just disappear but cannot be delisted till a specified time elapses.

truIT Uganda Limited.

Mother of them all - Uganda Telecom

6. Solar power backup solution Initiated by Douglas Bugeiga

In need of a simple but reliable solar based power backup solution


Contact Konserve Uganda via Abdullah Kyezira.


Conclusion/ Remarks

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