Quarter One 2010 Newsletter Print

ImageWelcome to this first issue of 2010. The theme this time is ICT and education, which we know you will enjoy. A lot has happened just at the bat of an eyelid, using ICT, which has revolutionalised the education sector.

Parents, teachers and students do not have to embark on long rides to the city and to schools to pick examination results. It is now just a text away. Service providers have also benefited handsomely. With 50,000 text messages, the total revenues for MTN, Zain, UTL or Warid, the participating service providers in this programme, would be 25 million in just 3 hours!

Still in this issue we tell you about efforts on software development that would improve the quality of education in Uganda.

Finally, we inform you about the effect of the ban on used computers on the various NGOs that have been importing them.

Enjoy this issue .


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