Editorial quarter three newsletter Print

We all had a lot of excitement about the landing of fibre in Kampala from Mombasa. Most of you our readers who are also part of the I-Network mailing list anticipated significant price cuts of up to 80 percent in the first 3 months of fibre landing.

The price cuts are real but unfortunately only to Internet Service Providers (ISPs) who may take time to pass them on to you the end users. In this issue we explore the reasons why ISPs are unable to lower prices instantly and how consumers have reacted to double capacity.

We also talk about the Uganda search engine, the first of its kind in this country and again alert the policy makers on the IPV6, which needs to be fixed. Enjoy your reading and make it a point to send us your experiences of the fast speeds with double capacity.

Do not forget that because of your input we have the national backbone project now reviewed and we hope the second phase will be a better job.

Thanks to you.

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